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  1. Found the course entertaining and for a newbie on the Dash, it's a great introduction. I'm am a real world Dash 8 pilot and I was critical with this package. There are many variations with Airline specific operations, over all very well done, but for god sake, clear the bloody master warning and cautions as they come up, it drove me mad, every start and taxi the warnings and cautions were ignored. Also u may want to check that these are standard and expected for the particular phase of start etc. If their was a real issue and u miss the original caution or warning, with in a few seconds u will have multiple warnings or cautions and it will become very difficult to diagnose. Just something to maybe think about when ur filming the FO package. One more thing, please don't talk over the instructor, to much chatter adds to confusion and makes the operation look and sound very untidy. Well done, it's a good package, I will be interested to see how the next one turns out.