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  1. bigmal

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    Hi Paul, I am trying to download your DX10 Notes from dropbox but only getting a Dropbox Error 404 message -any ideas? Malcolm
  2. bigmal

    Black gauges

    Hi, this is my first reply ever on any forum so hope it is okay and indeed helps. I too started having black gauges and looked at the various forums etc and tried a few of the suggestions however the problem remained. My particular situation was the flight would start as normal with the 747 at the start of the runway with the sound of the engines running and for a few brief seconds the screens/displays were okay as well but then they all went black. What I eventually noticed was that the plane was in fact stone cold dead except for the fact I could hear the engines running and they would spin up if I moved the throttles. Checking the overhead panel revealed that all systems showed dead so I started the plane up per cold n dark other than starting the engines. As the various systems came to life the screens came back to life and I just had to wait for the IRS's to align. The black screens scenario doesn't always happen but I reckon it occurs more frequently if I start a second flight without shutting fsx down then restarting.