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  1. 2 months later, still no reply. Expected...
  2. Unfortunately, I've been quite disappointed with quality of 747 Immersion after having 737 and 777. Everything looks like recycled default puffy effects instead of smooth, realistic ones on other planes.... Why, devs?
  3. You could start the New year by moderating your own staff a bit 😉 or maybe it's company policy?
  4. Scandinavian, you obviously do not know the Leonardo product and calling it "only" 3 models is a joke at best. As for 21 that you claim, lets visit that: show to us, good people, where those 21 models are, because I'd love to know on what I've spent the money, because nowhere in the release notes does it state specifically 21 models 🙂 Happy new year!
  5. While at best, a terribly poor attempt at belittling a fellow developer, no, Maddog is not one model. Or it is a much of a one model as 744 is. Don't dig yourself a hole, you might just fall into it yourself.
  6. Not critical by any means, but glad it was corrected. Enjoy your holidays.
  7. How many more posts do we need to make for you to understand that HYD PUMPS switches are NOT being moved by FO to HIGH during after start checklist, at least for Button mode. Kind regards
  8. If and when FS2C for MD gets same or similar interface as PMDG aircraft, maybe it'll be a company policy to have ctr pumps ON or AUTO, etc. In mean time, can you please check HYD PUMP ENG behaviour on 83 and 88? I don't see them moved by FS2Crew.
  9. FS2Crew works fine, I use TIR too, no conflict. Only problems are center and aux pumps handling.
  10. Hopefully, better solution is found than the one in 777.
  11. I've installed the aircraft as per recommended technique and now the load manager does not save the cfg properly and no matter what I do, sim does not load saved configuration. Please delete, I made a mistake :P
  12. Use FSUIPC, send to calibration and then use majestic's Control Panel to set the values for desired positions. Use button tab in FSUIPC to set reverse with your cutoff detents.
  13. Hello, I have finally set my Warthog up to use fuel cutoff notches as reverse on Q400 via FSUIPC. It's set so idle position is DISC and moving over the detent will press and repeat the Throttle 1 and 2 Decrease until released, however, I now no longer have full reverse range. Weather I hold F2 or use my joystick, levers only move about 10% in reverse and stop, while before it was all the way, so I really don't have much range.
  14. The words that I want to say would get me banned here....it sucks, but it's probably better in long run that you're away from her. Get'er done!
  15. Same problem here. I will hazard a guess and assume it's related to the "always connected to internet" thing, where if one thing goes wrong between user and them, program stops working for user.
  16. I don't see flickering nor tearing, but I do see pretty poor anti aliasing.
  17. P3D as is, is more demanding than FSX. P3Dv4 is even more demanding than v3. Retina display or not, your iMac will struggle, obviously. It's like expecting better fuel economy from tinted windows. You need a proper PC to run it decently.
  18. Did you not understand that the problem started after installing ChasePlane? It's rather poor customer service to just say that and walk away. We've paid a sizable chunk for a product not even fully released yet, least we should expect is some support... As I said: as soon as I installed ChasePlane, performance went down, and hardware is not utilized fully any more. I know the install caused it as I was flying several flights before purchasing and installing ChasePlane only to have that happen. Little more details on how ChasePlane does things in the background would be useful...
  19. I have purchased ChasePlane last night, and since I installed it, P3DV3 no longer utilizes the hardware as it did before and FPS have dropped significantly. I have tried running P3D without ChasePlane, but no difference. PMDG 747 at FlyTampa EHAM with AS16, 9-11 FPS, where it used to be steady 25+. In cruise, barely 20-25, while it used to be 40-50. CPU usage is noticeably lower as temps are 15-20 degrees lower than before. GPU isn't working much either. i5 4670K @ 4.4 R9 390 P3D on SSD Win7 Ultimate 64bit
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