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  1. Hi All, I've been researching for new ATC software. At the moment I use VoxATC and in general find it excellent, but for one thing, it's not very stable. I can fly several flights without a hitch, and then over the next few flights I get an error message come up two or three times in a flight. It's easy enough to remedy, just shutdown Vox and restart then all you have to do is re-contact the appropriate ATC frequency. It's just very annoying and not very realistic. So I was looking at PATC and liked what I saw, especially with this months new version, but, and please correct me if I'm wrong, having read the entire manual it seems it's completely menu driven and not voice controlled. If that's the case it is no good to me as I find that unacceptable nowadays. Would like to know what you guys think. Cheers. Paul
  2. paulk0867

    Just A Heads Up: New Version Released, v6.52

    Hi, I've just downloaded and installed 6.52 and I hope it's more stable with P3d. The problem is I can't find the VoxATC window! If I go to my VIEWS menu it says it's there, but I can't see it on the screen. Any ideas? Cheers Paul
  3. paulk0867

    Landing Clearance

    Hi all again, my apologise, I've mixed up two different questions. The first is actually about FS2Crew, so forget about that. But the second concerning getting landing clearance is the question I meant to ask on this forum, so if anyone out there has an idea I'd much appreciate the help. Many thanks.
  4. paulk0867

    Landing Clearance

    Hi all, I use VoxATC 6.20 and iFly737 and generally have no problems. But a couple of things are really bugging me, perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Firstly if I have the config set for a gate arrival the jetty isn't automatically put on to the aircraft after engine shutdown. This always used to happen before I upgraded to version 6.20. Is this a known bug? Secondly if I've selected a flight that I've checked the 'no vectors for arrival' box, I get a clearance for an approach but never get handed over to the tower and therefore can't get landing learance. If the FO is working the radio he doesn't automatically call at the point that you are told to report established on the localiser or a particular waypoint and there is no option in the menu (0). And if I'm operating the radio and call at the instructed location there is no reply. Anyone got any ideas?