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  1. Did you remove atiumdag.dll from FSX when you installed 13.10? Because 13.10 didn't work for me...
  2. Ok, I installed 13.9 again and immediately started having problems in FSX. This time it didn't crash to desktop when clicking the menus, but when you try to change to another airplane or change the time/season, the screen goes black and you hear the airplane sound and the only thing you can do is go to the task manager and quit FSX. So, I got the atiumdag.dll file from the old 13.5 BETA 2 drivers I had before and placed it inside the FSX folder and it works! No more errors, everything works as if it was 13.5 and I have the latest AMD drivers and, if they don't fix this issue, this should be a workaround for future AMD driver releases. The dll version I'm using is: I have also reported the issue to AMD and hope they fix it in the next release.
  3. The joystick problems in this forums are not the problems I have. In my case, the joystick doesn't disconnect. Only the throttle isn't working.
  4. I got a new computer, installed Windows 8 Pro x64, updated it, installed latest drivers from AMD and I was having lots of problems. First, I found that FSX was crashing because of the new 13.9 AMD drivers so I installed the old 13.5 and it doesn't crash anymore. That fixed all crash problems. The other problem is the joystick throttle wasn't working... In the USB Game Controllers panel, everything moves, every joystick button work except the Slider, which is the axis used by the throttle in FSX. I tried it with another joystick and the slider still doesn't move. Then I tried it in another PC which also has a freshly installed Windows 8 and again, no slider. Could this be a new windows update that messed up old joysticks? Is anyone having this issue? It was working really well before and now I installed windows again and it isn't. When I calibrate the joystick, the Slider moves!! But after the calibration it doesn't move anymore... Joysticks: Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback II Thrustmaster Top Gun II
  5. So, if you get the DLL file (atiumdag.dll) from 13.5 or 13.4, which is working fine, and place it in FSX directory while using 13.9, will it fix it? Just like the UIAutomationCore.dll work around... Because I would like to use the new AMD drivers and drivers that will come in the future and I am not sure if they will fix this issue. Anyway, I will try this tomorrow if no one does.