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  1. SSO is about the fans bearing, not the airflow it creates. I don't think Noctua publishes static pressure stats on their fans. I know Corsair (the High Static Pressure model) , Akasa and Bitfenix make fans with at least decent static pressure. My favorite place to check out fan stats is http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l1/g36/Fans.html, you will have to drill down to each product page, but if the manufacturer distributes static pressure data, they usually list it. For liquid cooling: http://martinsliquidlab.org. He has an article up discussing the CFM and static pressure ratings. He isn't a fan of either spec it turns out. There are a lot of things that go into a picking a fan depending on what you are looking for. If noise is important then you need to consider that. If you want to be the motherboard to control the fan then you may want PWM fans. For some it is the look.
  2. For radiator fans the static pressure it more important then the CFM. CFM refers to the volume of air moved, the static pressure refers the pressure put on the air it is moving. Since a radiator is a resistant path blocking airflow, the static pressure is the most important piece of data for a radiator fan. The same is true for fans on heatsinks.