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  1. Load Manager

    Again thank you very much for the prompt answers. If one day I decide to do a manual of this plane in Spanish, a language very forgotten in general and, of course, PMDG will have all the rights to include it in its products. As I show you a couple of links of some of the manuals made by me:!bgcGGTqJ!Pu0Jt-stGHAPSwHd7_QIDz_3yRkzzA1Beq7r6czTSjw 737 TUTORIAL.pdf!iwkgQKgZ!8ULlr8yAUAqTPMu75HbNjO_jR_pV2OTpAAa08gFAlEk Now I am half with a DASH8 manual (majestic) interrupted by a serious health issue (in April I was rushed to hospital for a heart failure) and because I changed to version 4 of P3D and I am waiting that Majestic made a compatible version for P3Dv4. Antonio de Castro
  2. Load Manager

    Thank you both for answer. I figure that to load the fuel and the payload, put the data in the page of load manager and already this, ok? Antonio de Castro
  3. Load Manager

    Dear Friends, I installed the DC6 on P3Dv4. At first, all perfect, but (I noticed it after the last update) on the LOAD MANAGER page everything is the same as it is taught in the introduction manual, but the SAVE FUEL & LOADOUT SETTINGS warning does not appear. I can not say if it was due to the last update or it was something I played. It can be fixed? Should I uninstall and reinstall the aircraft again? Any solution? Thank you