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  1. claaser81

    Release Date Contest

    and how did you come to this date? you proves that and says that this is the right one?
  2. claaser81

    Release Date Contest

    then I would say 'it is released between 1st Janary 2013 and 31st December 2060 :lol:
  3. claaser81

    Is there a 777 built in logbook? I would say that this is an nice page for keeping all your flights. Normally it is created for real flights but, you can also use it for virtual flights. Its also nice because you have statistics about frequent planes, airports, ... It also sums up the time you spend airborne ;D Greets
  4. claaser81

    Release Date Contest

    AeroLogic BOX512 are you also from Germany?
  5. claaser81

    Release Date Contest

    what date is Labor Day?
  6. claaser81

    Release Date Contest

    I dont want to say anything but I have another 5 weeks Anyway I hope that it is rihgt with today, but I wait with my purchase and will first have a look at it in some videos and tutorials :lol: