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  1. Hi there After installing I used ezdok to move around the Aircraft. What a beauty But I noticed, that the sounds do not change with the movement. The APU sounds exactly the same when I stand in fromt of the aircraft als when I stand behind it. Is that normal? I think I saw some videos on youtube where she ambient sound changed whith respect to the position of the view. Any advice? Thank you !
  2. Pyrospeuz

    No "Oceania" in FTXCentral

    Hey I own several Airports in north america and today I bought and installed some airports in Australia. I also got the AU Blue region. After installing all the sceneries, i started FTXCentral to change re applied region to "Oceania". But the Oceania entry is missing. There are only "Default" and " North America". De- and reinstalling the sceneries don not help. I also installed the latest FTX Libraries. Does anyone know the issue or experienced the same? Since I can't apply oceania, the scenery is not shown correctly in FSX... Thanks in advance for the help
  3. Pyrospeuz

    Unregister PMDG 777

    Ok, I will try to change without unregistring...maybe it works.. By the way: Is it normal, that I have to wait 4 Days to get an answer on my support ticket? :S
  4. Pyrospeuz

    Unregister PMDG 777

    Hey I just tried to unregister the 777on my old pc to install it on a new machine. Unfortunately, I got the following error message: Operations error: 7466 The return of the fullfillment is denied by the return policy because max return exceeded (incident 0337-6519418) I did no know here is a max. number of possible returns...I unregistered it once until now and back then, everything worked fine. I wrote a support ticket but did not receive an answer yet... Anyone with the same Problem? How can I solve this? Thanks