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  1. statesecret_d

    I give up

    Okay soooo I have moved the UIAutomationcore.dll out of the fsx folder and after 1 flight it didn't crash.. Will keep testing No I haven't tried a reinstall just yet as I got many addons and having taken the plunge just yet lol (although the issue started almost the first day I installed fsx (same day I got new pc) anyways) I use REX for textures but ASN for weather engine. After installing UT2 I got those BEX errors :( Thanks guys appreciate it. Will post if I get issues again and send appcrash log Regards
  2. statesecret_d

    I give up

    Hi All So i'm about to give up on fsx I cant take the crashes anymore and have read everywhere to try get answer maybe someone can help. My fsx just exits to desktop after a flight when I try go to windowed mode to upload my PIREP in kAcars heres what I do/have tried: 1) Enbseries - i have given up on because it causes too many crashes 2) I never use Alt-enter and rather click the menu as I know that's a known issue 3) I have the "correct" UIAutomationcore.dll file in my fsx root folder 4) I have unchecked the "read-only" panel.cfg and aircraft.cfg files in my PMDG models (as i have heard its an issue that gives errors on exiting fsx) 5) I have globally disabled DEP on my pc as this can cause BEX errors (since then that's sorted) 6) I have installed RivaTunerStatisticsServer and enabled "Custom Direct 3D support" as ive seen with new Nvidia cards if you try use ENB or Sweetfx there is a duplicate allocation of the directx dll files into memory and that causes the crash - I do have sweetfx installed 7) I have disabled UAC control 8) All my add-ons and FSX itself are run as administrator 9) I do not get OOM errors or pings or anything like that so I doubt that's an issue 10) Latest FSUIPC installed (unregistered) as usually after the fsx disappearance I lose connection to the kAcars and cant submit my PIREP - so i thought it was that (I am sure ive tried other things over the last few months but cant remember now lol) My pc specs are: Windows 7 64 Ultimate Intel i5 4670K @ 4.0Ghz Kingston 1600Mhz 16GB Nvidia GTX 780 3GB Evga SC Corsair GS 800w PSU
  3. statesecret_d

    Glenn Johnson releases KAUS-KLGA to Follow

    yeah that works.. but 1) when its your only scenery that does that its a little frustrating because all I want is realism on touchdown.. All glenn's other sceneries work perfectly with crash detection on. 2) oddly enough some of my payware have better fps with crash detection on (I only turn on "aircraft stress causes damage" to not allow for overspeeding, as most VA's reject pireps with overspeeds anyways) Thank you though
  4. statesecret_d

    Glenn Johnson releases KAUS-KLGA to Follow

    crashes on runway 17L/35R but not on 17R/35L... tried everything