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  1. bafuller23

    FSCAPTAIN no sounds?

    Has anyone tried using fscaptain on windows 8? Everything seems to be working but I cant hear any of the sounds. Im having no issues so far with windows 8 and it seams run run fsx great. I just cant get any sounds from fscaptain.
  2. bafuller23

    msvbvm60.dll crash

    Guys I tried your suggetions I did have the c++ x86 versions. I did the repair options and still got an error last night. Albeit after 2 hours of smooth flying. I am thinking its faulty hardware or drivers at this point. I am new to intel and all tje driver software that goes with it. I have decided to try wondows 8 I had a copy overnighted last night and I will do a fresh install with minimal haedware no usb card readers no sound card minimal hardware. Hopefully this will eliminate my horrors of the past 3 weeks. Being new architecture and chipset the newer os will be more friendly. Thank everyone for ther time and patience with me you are all very knowledgeable. Is there a recommended install for fsx on windows 8? Or just the basic install fly reboot install fly reboot process.
  3. bafuller23

    msvbvm60.dll crash

    Thanks for the replies. .. The error that im getting is an appcrash fsx.exe. faulting module MSVBVM.60.DLL . It actually subsided after updating .net frework to version 4.5. I was able to make 4 successful flights before the crash returned. Please clarify if your saying that I need both versions 32bit and 64bit for c++ and .net framework. If so I will try that when I get home. I am starting to beleive it is a driver issue as this is a new motherboard with a fairly new chipset. I just cant figure out how it ran without issues on my 1090t system. Dont get me wrong this intel chip will chew through all the other applications I have. I can run iracing wide open on 3. Screens without ant issues 85fps min. But the whole reason for the upgrade was soley for fsx. And ive been working with it for 3 weeks now and no luck. Thank you very much for your input and I will try these suggestions when I get off from work. Almost ready to try windows 8 lol.
  4. Hi guys. I'm a new user in the forums. I have been using fsx for some time now. I have recently built a new system with an intel i5 4670k. My last system was an amd rig on which I had no issues. I have reinstalled fsx a total of 4 times with all addons. I cant for the life of me get rid of this msvbvm60.dll error. I have fsx aacceleration UTX GEX AND REX. I have tried with and without addons and the same error continues at random. PLEASE HELP. ... System Specs are i5 4670k 16 gig Kingston hyperx1600. Gigabyte z87 ud4 mb. Hd 7970. Installing fsx on its own drive. As stated before, the only upgrade was mb and processor. I have reinstalled window 7 64 3 times now also.