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  1. fsinmotion

    Cinematic Mode Zoom Level

    It´s still broken...
  2. fsinmotion


    It looks like with the new update the stutter is back. At least for me :/
  3. fsinmotion


    Same here :/
  4. fsinmotion


    Hi! After the latest exp. update I am experiencing microstutters while panning around in the cockpit or in cinematic mode. Reverting back to the stable version resolves the issue. Anyone is having the same problem? Thx
  5. Hello, I got P3Dv3 and the latest version of LINDA, the airbus (318, 320) aswell as the 4.3 module. I set all my buttons but when I go back to the sim and want to takeoff, I see the speed increasing on the PFD but the airplane itself stands still. From outside view you can see the wheels spinning but the aircraft itself is "freezed" Am I doing something wrong here or is there any trick? thank you!
  6. Hello, I have a strange problem: I have two monitors, on the second one I have FSX in windowed mode. But it seems that AA isn´t active. It only appears to be active when I move FSX over to the main display. What can I do to fix this problem? Thanks a lot!
  7. fsinmotion

    Black flashes in high level clouds

    Here´s another little problem I found: This smoke is following the aircraft. What can I do against?
  8. fsinmotion

    Black flashes in high level clouds

    I tested now a few options: 1. using ASN with changed settings in the fsx.cfg like HUSSAR recommended. -> flashes still occur 2. using FS Global Real Weather with my original fsx.cfg -> no flashes 3. using OpusFSX with my original fsx.cfg -> no flashes. It seems really like it is a ASN-related issue :(
  9. Hello dear community, I have issues using FSX in DX10 mode together with REX4 textures and Active Sky Next (newest version). Sometimes if I pan around in the cockpit or outside of the aircraft, there are some black flashes instead of a cloud especially in high altitudes. I tried to make a video with my iPad, but I don´t know if the problem is noticable in the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBDcNC4mBrA Also here are two screenshots where the problem occurs: Here is the software that I use, my config and my system specs: DX10SF (newest version) REX4 textures (DXT5 1024) ActiveSky Next (newest hotfix) sweetFX 1.5.1 FSX.cfg: https://db.tt/87pLLCmm nvinspector settings: https://db.tt/DU4POkWs Haswell 4770K @4,5GHz cpu 8GB DDR3-1600 memory evga gtx780 ti graphics card Windows 7 Ultimate x64