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  1. Cinematic Mode Zoom Level

    It´s still broken...
  2. Microstutters

    It looks like with the new update the stutter is back. At least for me :/
  3. Microstutters

    Same here :/
  4. Hi! After the latest exp. update I am experiencing microstutters while panning around in the cockpit or in cinematic mode. Reverting back to the stable version resolves the issue. Anyone is having the same problem? Thx
  5. Hello, I got P3Dv3 and the latest version of LINDA, the airbus (318, 320) aswell as the 4.3 module. I set all my buttons but when I go back to the sim and want to takeoff, I see the speed increasing on the PFD but the airplane itself stands still. From outside view you can see the wheels spinning but the aircraft itself is "freezed" Am I doing something wrong here or is there any trick? thank you!