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  1. Hi all, I have the MD along time now so i decided to upgrade the engine sounds and bought TSS PW package, i installed it as per the readme and it wouldnt work on the MD-F but would on the pax! I tried alot of troubleshooting to no solution, i then unistalled and reinstalled the MD and brought back the original sounds and again installed the TSS and hey presto the engine sounds have disappeared TSS maintains you rename the sound files and replace, which works on some of my other add on aircraft but this has me stumped, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  2. Retroguy

    Problems with TSS Turbine Installation

    Ok i have sorted it what i done was left the original sound file in renamed it and put in the new sounds an renamed that "sound" lol seems to have worked!!! thx for your help
  3. Retroguy

    Problems with TSS Turbine Installation

    Hi Richard, Thanks for your reply, I was just looking through the DC10 files in simobjects the sound files only contain the sound CFG files cant see the individual files for some reason, but what your saying is i need to rename all the individual files contained within the folder the same as the one i deleted the original like?
  4. Hi all, I have purchased the DC10 HD version and i opted to change the sound file for the TSS CF6 sound package the read me indicates to remove the original sound file from the aircraft you wan to change the file of thats what i did and replaced it with the sound file from TSS when i restarted fsx the sound is totally gone now for some reason any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the CS767 and replaced the sound file it worked fine but not with the DC10 which looks really good btw
  5. Hi all, I purchased the CS-L1011 yesterday and first of all let me say its a good exterior model small amout of liveries but i am sure cs will release more at some stage. As i have the JF tristar too i will compare it to that, the cs rb211 sounds are crap to be honest so i have changed the sound files and put the JF rb211 sounds in to the CS one. Another thing i noticed was the tiller doesnt move with the nosewheel nor does it have autobrakes the JF tristar has autobrakes and tiller movenment !! As for cockpits i think its much as much like the JF cockpit i am not going to do the compare everything to PMDG the cockpit is ok to me anyway maybe could be improved in a later update. I have not used it properly yet as i need to sort out the INS which doesnt work either but i think i read on this thread that there is one available for it ! The CS L1011 does seem to have better flight dynamics as it seems to climb normal but the thrust reverse seems overly powerful in compares to the JF which accelerates way to fast and doesnt fly well if you change the weight n balance as it has no payload manager I paid €40 for the CS and i am yet to decide wether it was money well spent or not as i feel the JF tristar was a waste of money for me anyway ! I paid €40 for it and i am yet to decide if it was money well spent as i feel the JF l1011 was for me a waste of money.
  6. Hi all, Just going to throw in my two pence, i love the old aircraft especially tri-jets they are my favs ! I bought the JF L1011 but have not been impressed by it one bit its very hard to balance i find as it has no load manager and the autopilot is very glitchy trying to hold ALT so i do feel i wasted my money on it nice exterior and ok VC great sound pack. I like yourselfs use PMDG n Carenados mostly but i am really thinking about the CS L1011 i was put off by a friend on CS but after reading some comments from here and elsewhere i think i will buy it as the tristar is my fav and i would like to try out CS for myself. Just wondering will the CS have a load manager like other sims? I really hope CS have done a good job
  7. Retroguy

    REX Issues with FSX

    Yea i take that onboard and understand fully, thanks !
  8. Retroguy

    REX Issues with FSX

    Thank you very much
  9. Retroguy

    REX Issues with FSX

    Tim i would like to apologise for that remark it was inappropriate and misjudged and was born out of a little frustration, i love your product i think its excellent just having a few issues with it atm
  10. Retroguy

    REX Issues with FSX

    Yeah and have you had any contact with rex game studios?
  11. Hi all, I am using rex now for good while now and never had an issue with it, until last week when it seemed to lose all my settings and refuse to connect to the internet and download the current weather data. I have registered with the rex support and forum but have yet to be excepted or enabled to post a ticket to resolve this issue bearing in mind i applied last week and still have heard nothing pretty crap after sale service for such a good product. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks ! ps my system is i7 360ghz processor kind regards Tony