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  1. RPVFlyer

    Super slow download

    Thank you sir!
  2. RPVFlyer

    Super slow download

    Yeah I was hoping to have a few take offs and landings by now! Already waited a few months lol. I was also having trouble finding the pmdg repaints. I didn't find them under the addon liveries section of the download page. I see tabs for the 737, 747, text but not 777
  3. RPVFlyer

    Super slow download

    Hi, is anyone else experiencing super slow download speeds today? I finally was able to buy the 777 for Christmas (yay) and it's just crawling along at 20kb/s. It's been going to several hours already and only halfway there. I have fios(fast) internet so speed shouldn't be an issue for me like this! PS... I just did a speed test to make sure and it shows my dl speed as 25 Mbps
  4. Had the same issue. Never got around to installing on my win 8 setup and when i finally do had already installed 8.1. Sure glad i dual boot win 7 and still have everything over there!