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  1. ryanairfr7063

    FS9 pitch problem

    pschlute you my friend are a legend cheers bud problem solved it was my airspeed settings im a tool cheers pal
  2. ryanairfr7063

    FS9 pitch problem

    hi guys, to start I have been flying in flight simulator for many years, I've had the odd problem and have also been faced with a few reinstallations of the game over the years which is a pain. so my problem may be a simple fix (I hope), I usually fly the ifly 737, and have done so for some time but recently a problem has emerged while climbing I have no problems but its when I reach 30,000ft my problems start the aircraft seems to hold a 10 degree pitch up and the speed seems fine usually around 290 300 knots. over 30,000 feet my aircraft can no longer climb and struggles to hold at 31,000 feet ,, the pitch is still 10 degrees even using vertical speed I cant lower the nose of the aircraft. my aircrafts weight is fine the gross weight is usually well under max , fuel is normally 21000 pounds so I cant seem to find the problem. I know this is a problem for the ifly support but I think its a problem within my fs9 as every other aircraft struggles the same as the ifly wilco is the same. my add ons that may be a problem is rex weather..... now I think off it the problem occurred around the time I installed rex,, well im not going to delete all the writing above but I am going to uninstall rex,, id still appreciate any advice even tho I may have just solved my problem.