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  1. But I'd rather have it in date now even if it will go out of date soon, so that when I don't update the AIRAC its not too far afield to the current AIRAC. My 777 and 737 both still have AIRAC 1309, so I'm not sure that's how it works. (I don't have Navigraph) I'm confident the 777 came out much more recently than 2009. Just out of curiosity which AIRAC do you PMDG products have??
  2. That was a rapid response. I'm sure the 737NGX and 777 both have AIRAC 1309 though, and they certainly weren't released at the same time.
  3. Dear Mr Randazzo or any informed PMDG admins. I've read around and can't seem to find info on which AIRAC the 747V3 will be released with. Please could you inform me of which AIRAC? Thank in Advance