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  1. Nice job! Would you or anybody so kind to share the info? Or the code... It would be helpful. I swear I dont do business from it, I want to use it onlyin my home-enviroment. Many thanks!!
  2. Hello Marko! Not a rush or pressure... Just curious how is it going... If you need c# dev. help, just ask. Kris
  3. kbatyai

    NGX SDK/Simconnect get FMC text lines

    Yes, that has been implemented already ( just search for it). But, it would be nice and kind, if it were supported officially by PMDG/SDK via classical simconnect, FSUIPC,etc way. Especially, that it does not need any effort by PMDG. Also, the other topic, network displayed 3D VC is hard and complex topic... Broadcasting (or at least making available via SDK) ALL the info what is necessary to draw/display PFD/ND, EICAS, etc screen, is not a big deal. Then there will be some nice guy, who will make the rest... Of course, if PMDG copy-paste the display code and refactor it a little bit for up2date graphic platfrom as Network-ed Display... That would be the best... But step by step... K.
  4. Dear PMDG, Users here! (There is a chance that I re-open a topic what was answered in history here or somewhere else, so sorry for that... 'google did not help me to find it, just only a tinny things) So, Feature that is requested: "Get FMC Text lines via Simconnect, SDK, however in offical way" Why? To be able to make my own physical(or even virtual) FMC as "I/Anybody" need. (I am hesitating to buy NGX as my plane for my new borning home-cockpit). You give access to FMC for pressing buttons, so I dont get why it is not there... (In a forum "you" mentioned that you dont want to give (direct) access, possibility to manipulate FMC, because that is a big beast, but we dont need that, only read-only-way for reaching text.) VIRTUAL CDU made it, so I think they got some un-official/public support for it, or simply they search and read the memory... (BTW it is done also...) So why it is not public and official? Thanks in advance for sharing your thinking in a reply! -------------------------- (I know this was discussed from A-Z x-hundred times, just I share my opinion...) Home-cockpit-2D-Gauges I intentionally wrote Gauges and 2D and not Panels and 3D/Virtual cockpit. How think I as a Developer (not fsx, generic, with FSX experience). FSX is an old-dirty code, so you separated the full NGX code as much as you could. So you have a nice code and Everything under your control to maintain and finally Draw your 2D PFD panel (as an example). What is missing? -Network distribution of necessary data, (variables, states,etc) that is used to draw 2D PFD, over TCP (not a big deal, not even in a fast (low delay) one-way only) -Separated Display logic code...feeded with data Because you can use any technology, even state-of-the-art modern, up2date engine, or any another generic 2D/3D GUI, It would not be a big deal to migrate your current 'drawing code to a new modern "framework". Voila, we have network Gauge.... I know it is time and money, and only a minority of fans would use it, etc... First of all yes, but at first you need only a 2D and one-way thing... as experimental development. Secondly, you would win a dozen of users respect, because you made NGX and indirectly-FSX better. So If yes, when? If not, why???? There must be a dirty money business reason behind it Krisztian
  5. Perfect! You will get some warm-big-thanks from everybody!!!!
  6. I don't think so it is reverse engineering in a guilty way... You simply use data what it is there. You dont modify the PMDG code, you dont hack it, you dont... So, Marko, any good news?!?