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  1. ranathane

    Aerosoft Madeira

    It's a trick let me give it a try. .off all bgl's referring to LPMA and LPPS other than those in the Madeira X folder and the cvx's in the world/scenery folder. BR2_LPMA.BGL ABP_LPMA.bgl ABP_LPMA_Default.bgl AEC_LPMA.bgl APT_LPMA.bgl BR2_LPPS.BGL ABP_LPPS.bgl ABP_LPPS_Default.bgl AEC_LPPS.bgl APT_LPPS.bgl Disabling these files fixed my terrain problems. Some you may not have. This covers MyTraffic6, FTX Global 1.4 , FTX Global Vector 1.3. The trick is to disable any files not directly installed by Madeira X
  2. It was definitely the LatinVFR scenery that allowed a crossing plane on an active runway. Those guys make very pretty scenery but the AFX/ADE file is a mess! 14 orphaned nodes and 8 crossing links!! They also had taxi links as runway links. If anyone wants a fixed ADE4 file PM me.
  3. A little more time spent using this with Pro-ATC/X. I get a lot of Could not determine destination airport coords even though the airport is listed in airportList.dat. Even though AIMonitor shows aircraft being controlled by AIController and has a route showing, it doesn't seem that way on my moving map. Using AIJetRoutesOrigin=0. Could we have a breakdown of the jetroute_graph.txt variables? That may help me figure out what's not working. Using MyTraffic 6. In case you don't have it, MyT6 basically replaces the traffic.bgl unlike UT2. Also are there any settings in FSUIPC that need special setting? Cull working fine. Other than those bits, everything seems to be working fine. OH! Taking off from KMIA this afternoon (LatinVFR) Pro-ATC/X had me position and hold and then I had a plane land over me, was given takeoff permission and then another plane taxied across my runway. Thankfully I was paying attention so no big deal, and with all the things going on I have no idea which addon caused the issue. I actually liked the fact that I got PandH while there was a plane landing, it felt more realistic. I've seen a number of spotter vids where that occurs. Great work so far Roland and I can't wait until you have this to a point where you can reap the rewards for all the hard work you have put into this!
  4. I wanted to just edit my last but guess I can't do that here :mad: . Roland you have done an excellent job with this! Only thing I've noticed so far is on taxi in there is still a bit of pitch until reaching the gate on AI aircraft and the runway link read has a hard time with links that are on a runway but for some reason the shoddy developers didn't actually set the runway field (TropicalSim I'm talking to you!). May there be a way to equate the runway coords with a runway link that is near (<5m) and along the same vector? Just a thought. Again GREAT JOB!
  5. Are there any special setting needed to get ProATC to work with AIC? From the ProATC pdf it seems to handle separation too and seems like it could cause a conflict. Thanks!
  6. ranathane

    FTX Global NA Airports - Malware?

    Best thing to do is just get out and fly. I assume you know the FAA VFR restrictions (check out the AIM off the FAA website if you don't). Follow those requirements and you won't have any problems. Remember that you are responsible for aircraft separation unless using flight following (only available if the ARTCC/departure is staffed). Use the UNICOM (122.8) to announce takeoff/landing/taxiing. The VATSIM forums has a tutorial/guidelines IIRC.