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  1. Disregard. All sorted. Uninstallation followed by a clean install solved my problem. Thanks.
  2. After updating, I can no longer scroll between my external preset views. (internal presets are fine) I tried reverting from experimental and I do then get the external views but no smooth transitions between presets on either internal or external. I had no problems before the update. I have tried restarting chaseplane and rebooting windows but to no avail. Please help!
  3. James, as I have said above, UK2000 scenery does not work properly with P3D 3.3.3. Ground textures/markings are blurred and jetways missing. Apparently due to an old SDK being originally used which is not compatible with the latest P3D update. It does not matter whether you do a clean install of P3D or you are using W10. Unless a fix is forthcoming these older sceneries, which did not originally have a P3D installer, will NOT work. I went back to P3D v3.2 and all is fine.
  4. Went back to v3.2 and all is back to normal and stable. I see no reason to upgrade when there are clearly too many problems with scenery, VAS and other performance issues.
  5. Seriously, if you don't want problems, particularly with your UK2000 scenery, do not update to P3D v3.3.3 for now until there is a resolution.
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