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  1. Davieboy

    Throttles won't return to idle ?

    Hi there [again] I have solved the throttle problem- just hope this solution works for you. While running fsx and PMDG 737 select ALT then Settings - controls - calibrate - properties - settings - reset to de-fault. You will have to re-set some of your assigned actions to the yoke buttons. Cheers Davieboy
  2. Davieboy

    Throttles won't return to idle ?

    Hi There, Strange to say that this problem has just started happening to me. I'm using the CH Product yoke with Windows 8. Yoke works OK with MS Default 737. RE-installed the PMDG 737 but same problem has recurred. Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated. Daveboy
  3. Davieboy

    Rudder Issue

    Hi There, I am having the same problem myself. The aircraft taxis well before take-off but zig-zags after landing. My way around it at present , which isn't realistic, is to rapidly reset the FMC- SET UP to default and then the taxiing is fine. Hope this helps relieve the frustration. Davieboy