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  1. Hi Jean-Luc, I'm currently working on some smartcopilot files. I want to synchronize the GTN750 between both pilots and I've already added the differents commands (Home, DTO...) but what is missing is the touchscreen itself. Smartcopilot works by sending datarefs and commands between both computers so I think one way to do it is if you can add two datarefs like : pointer_x and pointer_y which would indicate where the cursor is on the screen and where to click. PS: Si c'est plus simple pour vous nous pouvons communiquer en français par MP 🙂 Thanks once again for your amazing products and looking forward for the G500H.
  2. Real2Sim

    GTN and smartcopilot (shared cockpit)

    Hi, any news on the commands ? Also can you add a dataref for which device is master ? Best regards
  3. Real2Sim

    GTN and smartcopilot (shared cockpit)

    Hello, No problem, I will wait for the next update to do the tests.
  4. Real2Sim

    GTN and smartcopilot (shared cockpit)

    Yeah smartcopilot is supporting commands so I can try this when the update comes out. Thanks a lot for your support !
  5. B407 is also compatible with my mod 🙂
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    GTN750 not picking up GS on RNAV/LPV approach

    The issue is not from the GTN. I've done several RNAV LPV approaches today and everything worked nice ^^
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    TCAS with VATSIM

    Hello Reality XP team, first I want to thank you for all your amazing work. I just want to ask you if you can make the TCAS of the GTNs working with VATSIM (and IVAO) ? Thanks a lot
  8. Hi, thanks for another update. I hope that you will also include the G500H model. My B407 is almost ready for it :p
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    Jean-Luc. Please Read!

    I don't know how you run the GTN on P3D because the P3D version is not available
  10. And when the unit is booting up, my email adress appears on the screen instead of my name. But on my proof of purchase my name is correct.
  11. With the GTN if you hold the home button, the GPS goes directly to the map page. It works in the 2D panel but when using the "home button" dataref (mapped on a joystick or in the 3D cockpit) it doesn't work. Even If we hold the dataref it's like we just pressed it and the GTN goes to the Home Page.
  12. You are right :p And is the crossfill option will enable the option to crossfill also the user waypoints between GTNs ? And is there a way to save the user waypoints created with the gtn ?
  13. Hello Jean Luc, I've just tested RX/TX flags for Vatsim and It's working great. The only issue I have (but maybe it works like that in the real GTN unit) is when I set a frequency in my GTN2 (COM2) and when someone speak on that frequency the RX Flags appear ont the GTN1. Also do you have any idea when the crossfill option will be available ? Best Regards,
  14. But the waypoints that I already created with the GTN are written/saved in a file and I want to know where can I find this file because for exemple If I uninstall or upgrade the GTN i need to save them in order to don't lose them. Another thing, that would be great If we can have the option to get the GTN connected to the battery bus because on aircrafts with 2 GTNs generally you have one linked to the battery bus and the other one is linked on the avionics bus.
  15. Yes I'm using xsquawkbox (It's the only xplane client for vatsim). And I've got another question : Where are located the user waypoints for the GTN1 to paste them for the GTN2 because when I fly on an aircraft with two GTNs only the number 1 has my user waypoints. The only user.wpt that I found on my computer was in the in "C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\Common\GtnTrainer". Thanks for your answer.
  16. Hello, I've just did new flights on VATSIM and the TCAS is fully working. I didn't know that traffic don't appear when you are on the ground and appear only when you have take off. My bad guys ^^. The only features missing and suggestions that i can make are : - RX flag when receiving audio and the TX flag when transmitting audio on Vatsim like on PilotEdge - Weather page (with the option to have a weather radar) - Crossfill between GTNs Another huge thanks to RXP team for making these amazing products
  17. Everything is working fine for me but still no traffic with VATSIM and IVAO. Another thing, It will be great if the GTN COM box automatically annunciates the RX flag when receiving audio and the TX flag when transmitting audio on Vatsim and IVAO like on PilotEdge.
  18. Real2Sim

    TCAS with VATSIM

    Thanks for the answer ! I noticed something with the transponder. When you change the mode (Standby and ALT) via xSquawkBox it change the mode also in the GTN but if I change the mode in the GTN that doesn't change the mode on xSquawkBox. Another question, Is it possible to add charts with a like for the flightplans with the located in "C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\Common\GtnTrainer" ? And the weather radar or at least the metar in the airport info will be available in a future update ?
  19. Real2Sim

    TCAS with VATSIM

    I'm flying with XP10 and I did some flights on VATSIM but couldn't see any traffic on the TCAS.