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  1. Thank you for your responses. Yea, hard landing and as little reserve fuel as possible 🙂 anyway, still waiting for someone to hopefully show up with some information/documentation. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I am a PMDG 737-800 NGX user, I'd like to fly this airplane as realistic as possible 🙂 For that I would need some documents with airline procedures, which are not easy to find... So I am mainly looking for any Boeing 737-800 European airline documentation, like FCOM's, FCTM, Operations Manual, SOPs etc. I am especially looking for RYANAIR documentation. If you have some documents like that, could you upload them here? In case it's not legal (I don't know! I'm not an expert in it) outdated ones would be very much appreciated!! In the depths of Internet I found only Ryanair FCOM from 2007, but I'd like to find something a bit more up to date. So ff you could also tell me, where to look for such documents in Internet - perhaps some registration required sites with some file libraries, which didn't show up in google despite many hours of my searching - I would be extremely grateful... Thanks in advance, Konrad Dołowy
  3. Hi! Generally speaking, for many years I have been using my local radio Internet, vatsim audio quality was very high. Now this ISP is ceasing transmission in a month so I in advance i changed to T-Mobile mobile Internet, and although the speed is 100x higher, ping the same (around 30ms) audio quality is unflyable. I hear stuttering in random moments, happening every 2 second, it sounds like this for example"Ryanair *stutter* J turn left heading *stutter* degrees descend *stutter* 0" instead of "Ryanair 34PJ turn left heading 320 degrees descend flight level 80". Missing those random key words in ATC communication makes it impossible for me to fly without asking 4 times for say again. More details: -New Internet goes from Huawei b525 router. Using Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable to connect it to computer doesn't make any difference. -it isn't happening all the time. Ie. When i last took off from Manchester all ATC stations were 5/5, then midflight comes a moment when stuttering begins and it continues till the last controller, in Dublin in that case. -controllers can hear my voice well -when it starts happening and i disconnect from vatsim for a second and connect my previous radio Internet (ethernet cable coming from antenna on the roof) audio quality is back to normal. And of course, changing to T-Mobile and stutters return. -restarting the simulator fixes an issue. For a while, because it often comes back after couple of minutes. I am using FSInn. Windows 10 Pro. FSX Acceleration. Laptop Lenovo Y510P, Inter i7-4700MQ 2,4GHz, 8GB RAM, GeforceGt755m x2 SLI. What I tried to do: -moving the router away from electronic devices to avoid interferences - no change -restarting the router, restaring FSFDT control pannel, reconnecting to VATSIM midflight- no change -its the same on headset, and speakers (when headsets disconnected) -changing the server from CZECH to GERMAN - no change -disabling firewall and antivirus - no change -forwarding port 3290 UDP in router settings - no change -change to vPilot - same happens there. Other than that, i have no clue, what makes this new 100MBit/s Internet (I have a good signal in my location btw) suck so much in transmitting audio messages. I'll be greatful for any peace of advice, if there is anything I can do with this Internet or should i look for another ISP...?