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  1. Burrick

    AI Traffic in P3D v2.5

    Thanks for the info. Everything is now set as it should be (I believe), unfortunately no AI at all. (Part of the installation process is to disable the TrafficAircraft.bgl that is used by the "default" AI. It's starting to look like MyTraffic 3D v5.4c does not work in v2.5 of p3d. I don't suppose there is anyone out there that has managed to get MyTraffic to work with v2.5? (Or any AI besides the default, which appears to be quite lame aircraft quantity wise, regardless of my slider setting).
  2. Burrick

    AI Traffic in P3D v2.5

    I've cranked aircraft to 100% and even at KLAX I have only a handful of AI aircraft. Is there something wrong with v2.5 where this is concerned? I have been using P3D v2.4 with a number of addons, including "Just Flight Traffic X" which worked just fine. I would even have to tone it down, as there were times a dozen aircraft were waiting to take off. Last week I reformatted my desktop and installed v2.5 from scratch. All addons loaded and worked. The last thing I went to add was the traffic app. It did not work at all. As far as I could tell I got no aircraft. I uninstalled Traffic X and purchased My Traffic 3D 5.4C, thinking the other was too old (It's no longer offered for purchase). Didn't make a difference. No matter what I tried. One suggestion was to manually Modify prepar3d.cfg and add a line telling P3D where the addon aircraft was for My Traffic. I was to add "SimObjectPaths.9=MyTraffic\Aircraft". Asssuming that ...0 to .8 was pointing to the the standard SimObjects. It was at this time I noticed that my cfg file did not contain a reference to any SimObjectPaths. Is there something pooched with my install? I added them including the reference to MyTraffic. Still no Joy. I deleted the Prepar3d.cfg file and let Prepar3d rebuild it. Again there were no references to "SimObjectPaths" in the cfg file, which leads me to believe that v2.5 has changed the location of this information or is handling it differently. Any ideas, anyone? The SIM works and all but it truly sucks to be the only "moving" Aircraft at a large airport.
  3. Burrick

    Captain Sim 777

    I just purchased the P3D version. I received version 1.4. There is a ver 1.6 service pack, but unfortunately I only get the first 6meg of a 23meg download and it fails to download :(. 1. No wheels. Plane is floating off the ground. 2. GSX is totally confused. a. I am at an airport that has no jetway, and both sets of "mobile" stairs go to the main door. Neither one aligns properly. b. Both catering trucks also line up with the first service door. I have not flown it yet. Just downloading manuals.