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  1. changi11

    FSW the future

    Jeroen it was'nt taken personally, if it helps to understand my thinking I have P3d, Aerofly Fs2, X-plane 10-11, so Fsw is only a looksee for the future possibly. What I personally want is excellent lighting and scenery visuals, good 3d cockpits, and AI. The onl;y way I can get all these is with 3 simulators at the moment, but I live in hope. Tony
  2. changi11

    FSW the future

    It is lod radius and texture popping and bloom effect on scenery thats a disapointment, I would have been very impressed if they had included vector coastlines it certainly would have added to the realism.
  3. changi11

    FSW the future

    JohnH90 things like g-force and head movement could be added easily as long as developers have easy access. Tony
  4. changi11

    FSW the future

    Jeroen I totally agree about the scenery, but for us that have P3D,FSX, etc we have got used to the scenery, maybe it was a tall order to have a new scenery engine I just think that if somebody introduces a new flightsim it should be groundbreaking, I'm not too worried about the cost considering how much I have spent since 1983 if it is a major improvement, we will see no doubt.
  5. changi11

    FSW the future

    I have noted good and bad comments reference the new release, and the positives seem to be lighting and aircraft models, I just wonder if DTG had made FSX-SE 64 bit including all the features it had, even including the old default a/c would everybody been happier, as really the only problem people seem to have with it was vas related, all the other limitatioins were got round by ectremely clever external developers, andespecially under the constraint of 32 bit application. I think the danger may be now that it is 64 bit the constraints are off and there may be a danger of bloating exceeding Ram.