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  1. Anton4369

    EZDOK not working

    It seems RAAS Professional is also a problem for me. I reinstalled Windows 7, FSX, then EZdok and it worked. Then I installed PMDG NGX737-800...still no problem. EZdok showing up in the addon menu and working. THEN installed PMDG 777 with RaasPro and EZDok won't show in the addon menu, only RaasPro does. When I delete the section of RaasPro in the dll.xml file in application data/microsoft/fsx there is no problem and EZdok is in the addon menu again. And yes, everytime I ran the ezconfig after installing new aircraft. Still trying to find out why this is happening. Maybe more PMDG 777 users have this problem?
  2. Ok, found it now...I have to set things up using the FMC. I'll look in the manual how to do this.
  3. Hi, I recently installed PMDG 737NGX, but when I'm in multiplayer I cannot type a 'g' in the chatbox because it will operate the gear. Has anyone had this problem? Anton