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  1. mykweb

    Upgrading Mini-ITX system for P3D

    Defiantly look at the zotac 1060 6gb mini card. It’s great for small cases. Only downside is the single fan which can get a bit loud at 100%. But if you tweak the fan curve you can tame it a bit. Just make sure your cpu cooler is expelling the air outside the case. 16gb ram is a must. Don’t know how people can run on 8gb Mike
  2. mykweb

    P3D V4 PMDG 737 Activation Crash

    Just an update for you all. I found out what the issue was. I have the PMDG license saved in a text file and when I moved my old PMDG v3 folder for V4 I never copied the license.txt file I made on my NAS. I then copied my Liveries and stupidly the licence.txt file from the FSX folder to my newly created P3D V4 folder. My activation was failing because the license key was for the wrong version. Severe case of PEBKAC Mike
  3. mykweb

    P3D V4 PMDG 737 Activation Crash

    Sorry I had thought I had included that. No AV as this PC runs on a separate network at home. Only goes online when I need to activate products. Windows 10 Firewall has been disabled as has the Windows Defender. P3d V4 was a clean install on a basic Windows 10 Build.
  4. mykweb

    P3D V4 PMDG 737 Activation Crash

    Actually.... Nope. Back to the same error. Looks like a remove and reinstall of P3Dv4
  5. mykweb

    P3D V4 PMDG 737 Activation Crash

    Many thanks Dan I just logged into my PC and made this change and It activated (after hanging for a second). But I got the activation OK messages and I was able to quit the P3D without it crashing and throwing an error. Now to reinstall FSUPIC & Sim Connect and see if that is ok Mike Guthrie P.s force of habbit singing things with just Mike :)
  6. Afternoon, I have recently migrated to P3D V4 and I am having some issues when trying to Activate the PMDG 737 800/900 Product. P3d V4 Version : Sim Connect Version : PMDG Version : P3d V4 1.20.8465 Operations Center Version : 1.17.27 P3d is installed and activated. When you launch P3D all is OK and you can select the default F22 and load into the Sim. All works ok for this and other default aircraft. As soon as you select the Boeing 737 800 I am prompted with the activation. I enter my Key and it connects to the server and activates successfully. Once completed i get a flash of (Not Responding) in the menu bar of the application. After 10 seconds the PMDG aircraft loads and I can take off and everything appears normal. Upon exiting P3d all appears to be OK then I get a windows crash report. Faulting module name: PMDG_737NGX.dll_unloaded, version:, time stamp: 0x59b71411 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Prepar3D.exe 59d67e95 PMDG_737NGX.dll_unloaded 59b71411 c0000005 00000000000361c0 249c 01d3613b616b2679 D:\P3d\Prepar3D.exe PMDG_737NGX.dll daef5135-ef9a-40eb-aebe-5f5bd515866b Event Viewer shows the PMDG_737NGX.dll to be the issue. I have tried the following. Remove / Reinstall PMDG : Same Issue Remove / Reinstall P3d V4 Client : Same Issue Removed / Reinstall Sim Connect : Same Issue Removed / Reinstalled FSUIPC : Same Issue Removed / Reinstalled EZDOK : Same Issue With all the above (excluding PMDG ) the sim and its add ons works ok. Any ideas or thoughts? Mike