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  1. Help ! I cannot get the pmdg 777 started in multiplayer mode. I end up with no initialisation of the plane, no landing gear and black cockpit screens, no FMC screen either. My buddies of the virtual airline all can fly their 777 in multiplayer mode. I use FSUIPC 4 because of earlier joystick problems. Any suggestions ? Kind Regards, Michel Van Ginneken Birmingham virtual Airline.
  2. Michel Van Ginneken

    Auto Step Climb ? is not really "auto" : help !

    Hello Kyle, I made the settings like you described in your above mail and ..... IT WORKS ! :rolleyes: Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate your input. Happy landings ! Kind Regards, Michel Van Ginneken bva856
  3. Michel Van Ginneken

    Auto Step Climb ? is not really "auto" : help !

    Hello Kyle, Thx for your feedback, I'll give it a try. If this solves my sleep issue I shall give you a big "thank you" on behalve of my wife, our cat and myself :rolleyes: Regards, Michel
  4. Michel Van Ginneken

    Auto Step Climb ? is not really "auto" : help !

    Hi Redwood, I know the auto step climb feature is to be activated in the MCDU. I know the windspeeds have to be loaded in de legs page. I can see the CDU calculating the step climb time and location in the CDU. (marked SC) I have set the altitude selection button HIGHER than the proposed new flight level of the proposed step climb. The only thing that happens is the warning signs indicating "pilot intervention required" lighting upon reaching the step climb location. Having gone 3x over the fligh tmanual instructions I do not seem able to get this step climb to wotk without pilot intervention. Did I miss something ? Kind Regards, Michel Van Ginneken
  5. Michel Van Ginneken

    Auto Step Climb ? is not really "auto" : help !

    Just kidding ! Let me start by congratulating the entire PMDG team, you guys are the best ! I feel honoured to be allowed to fly your products. Being an active member of the Birmingham virtual airline takes me frequently on longhaul flights on vatsim. Here comes my my problem: because the (auto) step climbs require a pilot intervention I have to get out of bed every 2 hours. I know that this is perfectly correct: in real life the boeings require a pilot intervention to execute the step climb. The only plane (as far as I know) performing an automatic step climb is the MD-11. Here comes my problem: having to get out of bed every 2 hours is ruining my sleep, my health and recently my wife told me she was going to divorce me :-) and my boss was going to fire me for falling asleep at work, we haven't seen our cat in 2 weeks .... In order to be able to continue living a regular,normal live I wanted to ask you the following : - Could you please include an option for performing a automatic step climb witout pilot intervention ? Please ??? You can keep the pilot-intervention step climb for reality cases and the real diehards. But please consider the poor devils that have to ruin their lives for FS reality purposes. I already thank you for considering to include this optional setting in a next update. (PS I have already told my wife there is no need to divorce me because you are going to solve our problem :-) ) Kind Regards, Michel Van Ginneken Antwerp / Belgum / Europe BVA856 (Birmingham virtual airline) michel.van.ginneken @ removed by Administrator