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  1. jclay13

    What happened to the FS2004 products?

    PMDG folks, Thanks for clarifying your position on FS2004 products. I certainly understand your position and support your decision. It makes no sense to lose money supporting something. I apologize for my post and it wasn't intended to bring such drama to the forum. It would be fine with me if you locked it or just removed it as my original question was answered. Jon Clay
  2. jclay13

    What happened to the FS2004 products?

    Call it boredom with the current stuff I have. I use FSX, FSX Steam, and FS2004 and the MD-11 for FS2004 was one on I'm my wish list for quite some time so thought I'd get it and challenge myself with the advanced startup procedures. My FS2004 runs better but that's not to say I wouldn't someday pick up the FSX version. They had a nice package deal where you could get both the FSX and FS2004 version so was going to go that route. Unfortunately can't do that now but not upset about it. Too bad cause it was $ for PMDG. Just wish they would have made an announcement on some of the flight sim sites or at least on their site they were taking them down but that's their choice. I shouldn't have waited so long to try and get it. Easy come easy go... Jon Clay
  3. jclay13

    What happened to the FS2004 products?

    Thanks Kyle. I do see some retailers still selling boxed versions. Do the updates on the PMDG site work for boxed products? Jon Clay
  4. jclay13

    What happened to the FS2004 products?

    I stand corrected on that. I'm using an iPad and signatures are not showing up. I logged in using my PC and can see signatures. I can understand stopping continuous development for FS2004 but it would be nice if we could still download their FS2004 products with the caveat that there would be no support. Does anyone know if they announced they would be pulling their FS2004 products and when it happened? I was out there not too long ago and didn't see anything mentioned and when I went back to purchase FS2004 products were gone. Jon Clay
  5. jclay13

    What happened to the FS2004 products?

    Where did you hear or read that FS2004 products are no longer active? Thanks for the information about signing my post. This is my first time on the PMDG forum and didn't see that requirement so I've signed it now. I also didn't see your signature but for some reason they don't show up on an iPad but I now see it on my PC. Jon Clay
  6. Just went to buy a PMDG aircraft for FS2004 from PMDG's website and there aren't any. Jon Clay
  7. Thanks guys, I'll try some different sounds as suggested.
  8. Just bought the Malibu Mirage and curious why the engine sound in the cockpit sounds like a blower? Gets really obvious when throttle is increased and really loud at full throttle. If I go idle throttle it's not as obvious and can mostly hear the prop turning. Is that from the turbo? Obviously never been in a plane like this so expected more of a "hefty" sounding engine noise in the cockpit.