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  1. Last new aircraft I recall is the Bonanza and that was Sep 2018, 3.5 years ago.
  2. After using the Fulcrum One for a few days all I can say is WOW! The engineering that went into this is superb. I've used all kinds of yokes including high end ones from Precision Flight Controls and this is far superior. The long throw, 90 degrees bank, no detent, and so smooth it's just like the real thing. Thank you Chris for such a a great product that was well worth the wait. I'm excited to see what future products you will have on the horizon because you are off to a great start! Jonathan C.
  3. What an exciting day! I feel like a kid on Christmas day... Mine arrived today as scheduled from UPS. I'm sitting here staring at an un-opened box reminiscing about what it took to get here from placing the pre-order last September to anxiously awaiting for that email that I finally made it to the front of the line. Waiting for it to ship and then constantly checking out the window today when I thought I heard a noise that was the UPS truck to only be disappointed that it was not. I think I did that for four hours on and off until that beautiful brown truck was parked out in front of my house and the UPS driver met me at my front door sensing my anticipation and elation as she dropped it off. Unfortunately I had to work tonight so the unboxing will have to wait unitl Saturday which happens to be my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!!!
  4. I’m in Iowa USA and also part of the “Friday Triangle” but this morning UPS tracking switched from “label created” to shipped so it appears to be on its way and delivery scheduled for Friday.
  5. This is great news. Both are important and knowing that eventually the Fulcrum Sim line of products will include both helps me make the decision to hold off on purchasing throttles elsewhere to go along with the Fulcrum Yoke. I’d prefer the yoke, throttles, etc, come from the same manufacturer.
  6. Is your throttle design vernier type like in the Cessna 172/182 or Piper style like the old Saitek throttle or maybe something else?
  7. Thank you for your reply. If by 3D you are referring to the virtual cockpit, then yes, the knobs and buttons are working in the 3D virtual cockpit. But, the knobs don't spin and buttons don't press in in the 3D virtual cockpit. In 2D pop-up mode the knobs spin and buttons press in and they are working. The lack of animation in the virtual cockpit is in the A2A 172 and 182. I just installed them into the A2A Bonanza and they DO animate in the 3D virtual cockpit.
  8. Installed the GNS 530 and GNS 430 into the A2A 172 and the knobs don’t turn and the buttons don’t depress in the Virtual Cockpit but they function just fine and do what they are supposed to. They turn and depress in the pop up window. I’ve read the manual and played with the config but no joy in the Virtual Cockpit. Installed into FSX Steam. Is this normal or did I miss something? Any help is greatly appreciated. Jon
  9. From all the specifications I've read, the Fulcrum One Yoke checks all the boxes like no other yoke on the market. I've owned yokes from CH, Saitek, and Precision Flight Controls and lately have been in the market for a new yoke. I almost went with Honeycomb unitl I came across what appears to be a hidden gem in the Fulcrum One Yoke. Check out this review of others and see for yourself how Fulcrum One checks all the boxes others didn't: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKl08XO8LSE The biggest thing I noticed is that Fulcrum One has 8 inches of travel on the pitch axis AND 90 degrees of travel on the roll axis, while the others do only one or the other. PFC yokes were not in the video but they are way over priced for most people at $2,000 USD and don't even have a Hat Switch which is a must for most simmers. Even the Yoko just started adding a hat switch. I don't like the layout on the Honeycomb with the hat and trim switches on top of each other. I like how the Fulcrum One has them side by side. I also have no need for all the buttons and switches and the silly looking front panel on the Honeycomb. It looks like there is a future option to swap yoke handles which is unique. I hope it lives up to my expectations because I'm very excited about this new yoke because for the first time in years it meets all the requirements I've been looking for.
  10. It was stated "the overall length from the back of the box to the front plate of the yoke is 570mm." Is that with the yoke in a resting state and no forward or back pressure applied to the ailerons?
  11. What is the width and height of the yoke itself? BTW, very excited for this release!
  12. PMDG folks, Thanks for clarifying your position on FS2004 products. I certainly understand your position and support your decision. It makes no sense to lose money supporting something. I apologize for my post and it wasn't intended to bring such drama to the forum. It would be fine with me if you locked it or just removed it as my original question was answered. Jon Clay
  13. Call it boredom with the current stuff I have. I use FSX, FSX Steam, and FS2004 and the MD-11 for FS2004 was one on I'm my wish list for quite some time so thought I'd get it and challenge myself with the advanced startup procedures. My FS2004 runs better but that's not to say I wouldn't someday pick up the FSX version. They had a nice package deal where you could get both the FSX and FS2004 version so was going to go that route. Unfortunately can't do that now but not upset about it. Too bad cause it was $ for PMDG. Just wish they would have made an announcement on some of the flight sim sites or at least on their site they were taking them down but that's their choice. I shouldn't have waited so long to try and get it. Easy come easy go... Jon Clay
  14. Thanks Kyle. I do see some retailers still selling boxed versions. Do the updates on the PMDG site work for boxed products? Jon Clay
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