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  1. Coronavic15

    article about longest flight

    Just did a 12 hour and 26 min flight from Phoenix, AZ to Fukuoka, Japan in the PMDG 777-200LR. Was an amazing feeling when I finally landed. The landing is on my YouTube page.. coronavic1.
  2. Coronavic15

    HIGHMEMFIX=1 fix

    I have been flying with FSX for about 4 years now and just found out about it. I always thought it was my CPU getting too hot. Thank god for the internet!
  3. Coronavic15

    HIGHMEMFIX=1 fix

    Don't know if this has been disscused here yet but if you are having an Any trouble with your buildings or parts of your planes dissapering the placing HIGHMEMFIX=1 in your graffics section of your FSX CFG will fix it. It has worked very nicely for me!