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  1. vlaskashirin

    Fuel consumption (PFPX vs PMDG 747)

    Hi have tried both... I prepared the flightplan with cost index 100, Then another flight I did Mach .82. In both cases fuel calculations were off. Basically when planning the flight in PFPX it predicts much lower fuel consumption for the flight but in reality the plane burns much more. I have been thinking about perhaps adjusting the fuel flow in aircraft.cfg file in order to match it with PFPX.
  2. I have noticed some serious difference between PFPX fuel calculations and PMDG 747 actual fuel consumption in flight. Turns out that a flight of about 10 hours consumes almost 10'000kg more fuel than PFPX planner predicts (taking into account the winds aloft, weight, etc). Does this mean that the fuel flow in aircarft.cfg file are off? Is there a way to even out the two so that planning is more accurate? Has anyone had the same problem? Many thanks!
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have a real world loadsheet for pax MD-11? I really hope to find a real one to see the balancing and trim settings used in a real pax Md-11. Perhaps anyone from KLM here? )) The only one I could find on the net was for SWR111 from JFK to GVA that crashed in September 1998. Hope someone can help! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for that. I will try it.
  5. Okay... Where do I find FSUIPC.ini? I'm using FS2004 and ActiveSky as well as some Aerosoft, ImagineSim and FlyTampa sceneries. Will this make weather updates worse? Will deleting FSUIPC.ini have any impact on other addons etc... ?
  6. I am also having trouble with auto brakes after landing on my PMDG MD11. As soon as I land then the auto brakes start slowing the plane down and then it just stops in the middle of the runway and I cannot release the brakes no matter what I do. HOW CAN I FIX THIS??? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP. It is very annoying. Thanks in advance...