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  1. Good day, Would it be possible to also assist me with which bgl's I have to remove to make the scenery work in P3D v 3.2. Many thanks in advance.
  2. b7x7

    Searching for weather engine

    I'm excited for the Active Sky product and will most likely buy it as soon as it's out. Because I needed a good weather program though, I went ahead and bought FSGRW. It is absolutely superb and very lightweight. I do not regret my decision to get it at all.
  3. b7x7

    Searching for weather engine

    I read the preview to the upcoming Active Sky Next in the link posted above. I don't own FSGRW but after reading all the great reviews and comments here and on the net, I was planning on buying it today. Since I don't own it yet, could someone explain whether the new version of Active Sky would be all that much better than FSGRW.. It seems like Active Sky will offer quite nice thunderstorm simulation and turbulence, up-draft and down-draft effects when flying through thunderstorm clouds, BUT, after reading their other features and thinking about FSGRW, would it REALLY become the gold standard of wx for FSX? My impression is that it'll have a few nifty features over FSGRW, especially in relation to thunderstorms, but it doesn't look like a madly revolutionary product. I'd appreciate your input so I can decide whether to get FSGRW or wait for Active Sky. Thank you.