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  1. Yeah, don't see the need myself for constant license checking, maybe once a month and don't die if the lookup fails. But what can we say for a program that is in beta, al beit for a year+ Brett
  2. Betcha it's a cert problem again. O'well over to X-plane where Chaseplane isn't needed. ;)
  3. Perhaps like the incident last month, they haven't renewed their SSL for their website. I see that it was renewed two days ago, maybe the library server was left out of the fun. Really wish they would buy a cert that lasts more than a month or two. Brett
  4. Don't know if this is related, but followed the instructions as mentioned, and things have been fixed for CP, but is the collateral damage when CP starts that it says we found a problem and have fixed it that it deletes all the key/button/axis mapping in FSUIPC? I have done nothing to FSUIPC and now find that every mapping that I ever had, has disappeared. Regards, Brett
  5. This may already be answered, but as someone learning Vatsim, I find myself studying setup from Matt Davies aka BelynzHD Youtube channel. He has been extremely helpful to me. He has done "how to" videos and shows all the programs needed and how to set them. https://www.youtube.com/user/BelynzHD Brett
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