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  1. Is anybody know, how can I reach this product? Any link etc.
  2. maddogcaptain

    Is there any WIP Airbus project for FS9?

    First of all,the first aim of the this topic;try to convince people for a new stable and complicated Airbus for the FS9.And don't worry,I've already used all Airbuses on the market(Wilco,PSS,Pairbus Merge,Airsimmer).So,I think these all are unsufficient for me and almost all FS9 users..
  3. Hi everyone. I'm looking for new airbus projects for FS9.Correct me if I'm wrong but fslab's Airbus just only for FSX.So also I want to persuade people to new perfect Airbus for the FS9. Regards.
  4. maddogcaptain

    Sperry177& ISG Problem

    Sorry Bjoern,Today,I tried to fly with this aircraft and I realize that I totally stumbled.Now the aircraft just only following the first waypoint,after passing it,the aircraft is going same direction.And also ISG arose with a new problem.When you select the FPLN page from GNS,after passing an any waypoint,it has to be showed to you the next waypoint name and the heading course but now (with sperry 177) it's NOT.
  5. maddogcaptain

    Sperry177& ISG Problem

    Hi again,I found a topic about this problem and now the problem is solved.Thank you.
  6. maddogcaptain

    Sperry177& ISG Problem

    Hi all,I have another problem with tinmouse.I want to use sperry 177 and isg GNS but after takeoff when I press Lnav(autopilot),aircraft did not follow the route.Am I do something wrong??