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  1. FSX. It can work in Prepar3d but it looks off in certain areas around the airfield. Once I get the chance to familiarize myself with P3D I'll make a version for that.
  2. Short video tour of completed scenery Finally completed it. Already submitted the upload and will share the link once it is active!
  3. Currently working on getting a new version of CNR4 out with models of the actual buildings, now that I've had time to start getting to know GMAX and some of the more advanced ADE functions. Below are a few screens of the progress. The REAL CNR4 ^^ My new version ^^ The original ^^ Hangar in GMAX ^^ How the approach looks thus far. I'll be updating this as I go along so feel free to check back here once in awhile. Once I'm done this I'll start working on a few other airports. If there are any small airfields that aren't too complex someone may want to see, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  4. Decided to get back into ADE as I started up before but never really followed through or finished anything so I got the bug again and figured I'd start small. I laid it out as close as possible to the real airport using a Google Earth overhead image and various ground level screenshots. I was restricted to FSX Library objects as I don't know how to do custom objects yet and haven't found many extra libraries so I did what I could. Also adjusted the boundaries a tad as well as added a few items from the road and some trees. Hopefully someone enjoys it. https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=cnr4&CatID=fsxafcad&Go=Search
  5. Press the "clb" button on the FMC, fill the info and if already filled, "exec" light should be lit. Press it and then VNAV should arm
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