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  1. I turned off enhanced overcast and that did the trick for me, now I get 15-20 fps when flying over overcast clouds which is bearable for me and I don't see much visual difference either.
  2. Alright thanks for the insight. To be honest I haven't opened the user guide, I'll read it and try playing around with the settings till I get the balance right. Thanks.
  3. I have my download interval set to 15min as well.
  4. Hi If someone can help me, as the title says. I get a massive drop in fps when using live weather on ASN. When I manually set the weather, thunderstorms and CB clouds I get about 30-45 fps but as soon as I set it to live weather, when I'm flying and there's a few overcast clouds around me, it drops to 10 fps or even less. I have tried reducing my antialiasing to 4xS. I use Rex for clouds as well. I have them at 1024. My specs: i7 3770 @ 3.40ghz turbo boost 3.90 Gtx 650 8gb ddr3 ram And I use fsx not P3d