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  1. I turned off enhanced overcast and that did the trick for me, now I get 15-20 fps when flying over overcast clouds which is bearable for me and I don't see much visual difference either.
  2. Alright thanks for the insight. To be honest I haven't opened the user guide, I'll read it and try playing around with the settings till I get the balance right. Thanks.
  3. I have my download interval set to 15min as well.
  4. Hi If someone can help me, as the title says. I get a massive drop in fps when using live weather on ASN. When I manually set the weather, thunderstorms and CB clouds I get about 30-45 fps but as soon as I set it to live weather, when I'm flying and there's a few overcast clouds around me, it drops to 10 fps or even less. I have tried reducing my antialiasing to 4xS. I use Rex for clouds as well. I have them at 1024. My specs: i7 3770 @ 3.40ghz turbo boost 3.90 Gtx 650 8gb ddr3 ram And I use fsx not P3d
  5. Kusta

    Voxatc traffic problem

    Yes i have, a couple of times.
  6. Kusta

    Voxatc traffic problem

    I will try that but the reason i posted here was cos i dont know if the problem is with voxatc or Mytraffic because as i said, when i use the fsx slider and set it to a certain % i see Mytraffic AI, but when i use Voxatc i dont.
  7. Kusta

    Voxatc traffic problem

    I have tried that using the communicator and i select the schedule and it loads something on the registry and stops. But then i still see that Zero on "number of schedules."
  8. Kusta

    Voxatc traffic problem

    Yes i think the problem might be with the schedules, as i recall this had never been the issue previously though so i dont know. how did you configure your schedules?
  9. I had voxatc working properly with Aerosoft MyTraffic 2013 and then i uninstalled MT2013 due to some issues i had on my pc. Now when i reinstalled it, Voxatc would not recognise it and and would only load the default AI. But i had installed some programs and even switched to DX10 with steve's fix during the time when both were working well. Anyone help me please! But the problem is not with MT2013 cos when i set the traffic slider on fsx i can see the traffic at the airports. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both programs endlessly and nothing seems to help. One thing i have noted though is that on the MT2013 flight editor, in Number of Scheduled flights: it says 0(zero) and i dont think it should be the like that and anything i try to do doesnt seem to change that Zero.
  10. Kusta

    How to uninstall ftx vector? HELP

    Thanks did that, got my answer. :Peace:
  11. Well i have ftx Global and vector and right now i have a pretty mediocre system and lots of add-ons and my system cant handle it, I want to know how to uninstall Ftx vector(but keep Global)?? i cant seem to find a way!! Anyone please help me if possible.
  12. If anyone can assist me in telling what are the best settings to use for Vector as im getting blurries whenever flying. Fsx.cfg has been optimized using Bojote's tweak and Word Not Allowed's tweaks also. But im willing to tweak it again to help get rid of the blurries im getting.
  13. Is there any fix to make AI traffic fly above FL300 (Airliners)??
  14. Aah :( oh well thank you for the info
  15. As the topic says, is there any way to make other parts of the world use the same type of atc used in Europe i.e QNH in Hpa instead of inHg. Because as far as i know only the US uses that?