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  1. TrailBlazer

    V2- Still no quad core or SLI optimization

    You have a point there BUT If a program is multicore aware, whenever one core has no resources left it should start the take the extra resources from the second and then from the third etc. Until the affinity mask says that is all you can get. What happened here is it maxes out the the one cpu core and if you pushhing the sttings higher it starts to reduce fps due to bottlenecking and the load on other coees does not change at all. In fsx it's different, it keeps loading up the cores until all three is 100% and then the frames started to drop. These observations are based on my tests where every eyecandy that is gpu related and not present in fsx was turned off in p3d so that the comparison is better. In summary to me p3dv2 has much worse multi core utilization than fsx. Correct me if my methidology is not good somewhere. Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
  2. TrailBlazer

    V2- Still no quad core or SLI optimization

    Also I guess there were something in the background as well that caused the other cores to work, but I repeated the process multiple times and always the same result one core maxed out th rest is below 40ish percent. In comparison fsx maxes out 3 cores at AM 14 and this is how it should be, the workload should be equally divided between the cores. Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
  3. TrailBlazer

    V2- Still no quad core or SLI optimization

    My apologies for leaving out the most relevant information So no multi threading here this ehy I used 14 and 15 for AM instead of e.g. 255. I have a 4670k @4.4ghz and an OCed 7950, 8 gb of 2133mhz ram. Single monitor 1080p setup. Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
  4. TrailBlazer

    V2- Still no quad core or SLI optimization

    And just to visually clarify here is the hw monitor chart.
  5. TrailBlazer

    V2- Still no quad core or SLI optimization

    Let me share my probably special situation with you then. On my system P3Dv2 uses one cpu core ONLY!!! I have no idea why. I tried every setting that is possible frm max to low but turning down the eye candy only released the pressure from the GPU but the cpu usage remained one core only. Then I thought, ok, new dog old tricks, so affinitymask=14. Nothing changed cpu usage still the same one at max rest is basicly parked. Next step...affinitymask=15 lets see if forcing 4 cores is better, guess what it wasn't although it changed the maxed out core (by default it was core1 after this core0). I'm sitting here scratching my head with a vanilla p3D running 7fps when running a max benchmark (17-28 when using the exact same settings as my fsx.cfg...) and a heavily "addonized" fsx running at 45-100fps propely and fully using the 3 cores with AM 14...