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  1. ntme9

    engine alternate air

    Thanks for the reply, good, its not just my setup. Can we expect this to be corrected in V2.1 ?
  2. ntme9

    engine alternate air

    Pitot heat does what you are talking about, we are talking about engine alternate air not pitot alternate air.
  3. ntme9

    engine alternate air

    Its to combat icing issues, like carb heat for carbureted engines.
  4. ntme9

    engine alternate air

    I decided to fly the mission civil air patrol, and I noticed that the (engine alternate air) switch had no effect in the 3d cockpit of my maule. It would turn/move but had no effect. I had to switch to 2d mode to get it to function properly. Is anyone else having this issue? Is this a known issue? Thanks
  5. Add this to the wish list. http://videocardz.com/48216/evga-launch-geforce-gtx-780-ti-kingpin-edition-6gb-ram
  6. ntme9

    GPU questions for p3d2.0

    Its going to be very very rare to hit 2gb at those settings, if not ever. Wow, really? I guess I need to do more testing with weather.
  7. ntme9

    GPU questions for p3d2.0

    Yes, a single 1920x1080 monitor.
  8. ntme9

    GPU questions for p3d2.0

    760 vs 660, the 760 is a little bit better all the way around. Now 760 vs 660ti, that's a close one. At 2gb you will be fine, as long as you don't crank up the settings. With very high settings (not maxed), I normally see 1.5gb to 1.8gb usage. Maxed at JFK I was seeing 2.6gb at 1920/1080. It hit 3gb just for a second, but was normally around 2.6gb or slightly below.
  9. ntme9

    GPU questions for p3d2.0

    What resolution are you running at?
  10. ntme9

    Terrain shadows: what a pity

    PV2 is much better in so many ways compared to fsx and I so far am very happy with the improvements. But I don't think you guys have a clue what higher end rigs are capable of (graphics wise). The quality of visuals in PV2 still don't justify the hardware demand, I don't think PV2 takes advantage of hardware efficiently. Again, way better than FSX for sure. If LM had the development budget of Crytek or Valve, holy cow it would look like real life or as it currently sits run at 120fps maxed out on a mid range system. But this market is small so it is what it is. I just don't want you guys to think its hardware that's limiting these sims, its not, its the development budget/market.
  11. No problem, if you guys want me to run it in any other scenarios id be happy to.
  12. Usually (with very high playable settings) I see a usage of around 1.8gb and very rarely near 2.25gb at 1920x1080. So I would pick a 780ti. But for fun I loaded (everything maxed and turned on) at JFK, took off few around a bit in the Lockheed L049 and was hitting the vram limit (3gb). The frame rate was in the 20s. Edit: I ran it again after realizing I read a Max reading, it did hit 3gb for a second but normally was around 2.6gb. So I would go with the 780ti if you run 1920x1080 or less.
  13. Some might want to hold out for this! http://videocardz.com/47530/nvidia-geforce-gtx-780-ti-also-special-edition
  14. You don't need much if you are running at that res and don't plan to crank up the settings, a gtx650 will do the job fine.
  15. vram is video ram, or the amount on memory on your gfx card. 660 2gb card= 2gb vram.