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  1. Well this sim officially has me scratching my head. I am now consistently seeing 99% gpu usage. I was testing all day yesterday and hardly ever saw it past 70% usually50-60% It seems to have to do with clicking with the mouse anywhere on the inside of the window. Even if you go full screen (which is how I was testing) it runs at 70% UNTIL you click inside the window with the mouse then bam 99% So make sure you click the sky! EDIT: ok I found that the above is only true if terrain cast shadows are on! With them off gpu usage is back to 60s
  2. I apologize, I had to run and only had time to reply to that part. Yes, I agree with you that vram can be a issue. I have been seeing 2.25gb usage (1080p maxed). I think its a good idea to have at least 3gb for vram not to be a issue at 1080p. Its not only the size that matters its how it looks (that's what she said). Games like BF4, GTA4, and Crysis 3 can use over 2gb of vram also. How? All of these sims, (bless them) (I do love them but) they are utter 1998 graphics equivalent xxxxx when compared to modern games. Let me explain, for example when you walk past plants and grass it moves as you brush by it! Compare that to the 4 sided green pixel sticks they call trees in P3D/FSX/XPLN. Again, I love these sims but don't act like they are the only ones possessing a bunch of information.
  3. I disagree. If gpu usage is not at 100% then the cpu, ram or vram is holding it back. In this case it is the cpu holding it back. There seems to always be at least 1 thread that is maxed out. I believe only 1 thread handles cpu to gpu data. The sim needs to be fixed to utilize more cpu power for cpu to gpu data. Just because the sim is large doesn't mean much. It only loads a predetermined amount of area around you.
  4. Interesting, 20%. You have a 6c/12t cpu 3/12=25%. I bet you wont ever see more than 25% usage with your cpu. And yes I agree it is much better. Do you think the cpu is still the bottle neck, albeit much better? I think P3D needs the ability to access more power from the cpu. particularly for cpu to gpu data. A common usage for me is 30%cpu 60%gpu 40-60fps. What does your gpu usage look like? The only way I am able to get 100% gpu usage is if I turn off all of the CPU heavy features (Traffic/autogen).
  5. Why is it that 4c/8t cpus seem to max out at 37.5% and 4c/4t cpus max out at 75%? That's what grabbed my attention, consistency between different cpus. Like I said before I dont understand why but its seem like consistent observation.
  6. I think that P3D can only use 3 threads worth of computing power that's all. I don't understand why that is though.
  7. It looks like you have a 4core/8thread cpu. It also looks like you are using ~100% of 2 threads or one (HT core) and averaging about 33% on 3 more threads. so that's 100+100+33+33+33=299/8= ~37.5% cpu usage or 100% of 3 threads worth of power. Your cpu is the bottle neck. Turn off traffic and autogen, see if that helps. Edit: after looking at it again you have one thread steady at 30%. That's odd, is there another program running in the background? Edit: math
  8. I am basing that off of people reporting there cpu usage. Max I have seen for 8 thread cpus is 37.5% and max for 4 thread cpus is 75%. 3/8= 37.5% 3/4= 75%
  9. Ill try to help, can you post your system specs please.
  10. Hyper threading is just saying 2 threads in 1 core. Its not that most games don't use hyper threading its that the vast majority don't use more than 4 threads. If P3D made use of 4 threads optimally it would help a bunch. But it only uses 3 optimally. Hell I wish it ran on 8 threads!
  11. You sure about all that? http://ark.intel.com/products/75047/
  12. Enough of the absurd claims that anyone on this topic said it wasn't. Threads/cores bla bla. 4cores/8threads on a 4770k. 4cores/4threads on a 4670k. Either way V2 will only utilize 3 threads optimally. Now you can move the workload around with a-mask but it wont do much unless you have background apps. Max usage with a 4770k is 37.5% and will be 75% with a 4670k.
  13. Back off! Its 2 1/2 core optimized now. JK
  14. No insult intended. Yes I do know what optimal proc usage looks like. I am new to this forum but have been around other enthusiast forums and have done plenty of benchmarking for some time now to be able to identify a still poorly (for quad) optimized program. Don't get your panties in a wad, jk. Its true I have not followed every post about the development of this sim (too many other interests). How are the process handled by the cpu? It seems like one thread handles the cpu to gpu data with the rest (AI and scenery loading) handled by the others. cheers
  15. That's good and all but it doesn't need the 4th core because it cant even utilize the first 3 optimally. 29% cpu usage, 63% gpu usage, and 40fps. facepalm I don't mean to harp on it but dang if you are going to go to all this trouble on this sim, fix the core issues (no pun intended) not just focus on the pretty's (dx11). It does look good tho, and the mere fact that object popin was fixed is awesome.