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  1. Im one of the saps who prepaid for the KA 4 years ago. I've tried numerous times to get a refund. I don't want to wait anymore. They're response each time was arrogant and condescending. They must have a boatload of sales to treat people like that.
  2. Well I stand corrected, so I owe you guys an apology...sorry for the hassle.
  3. According to Kat, here's the terms from your sales page she emailed this morning. Where does it say no refunds??? Important: This product is in Early Access status. This means that is not yet finished and may be incomplete in features and/or functionality. Purchasers will receive access to the development builds as they are completed, and will receive the fully finished product upon release. Please note that although development builds are released regularly, there is no set schedule for their release. Purchase entitles you to the current development build, but does not guarantee the timing of, completion date, or feature status of future builds. Purchasers are not required to actually test or file reports on the product but, if you should wish to do so, you may use the support forums for that purpose. Bug reports will be accepted (and are very welcome!); requests for changes based upon personal preferences will not be accepted. We thank all early purchasers for their loyalty. This program enables us to offer a more refined final product while offering users the ability to enjoy the product early!
  4. I cannot believe the run around I'm getting to get a refund on the 350. I prepurchased literally 2 1/2 years ago, waited patiently, decided I don't want to wait any longer and simply requested my money back. Should be no big deal, but what a run around I'm having to endure. I'm getting every stall tactic and empty argument thrown at me. I simply want my money back. The lack of service is appalling. Dave
  5. I'm thinking of buying a GeForce GTX 970. With 5 or so manufacturers making the supposedly same card, does the maker really matter and if so, which should I consider? Thanks, Dave
  6. Thanks Pat. I had a feeling I might be missing the obvious. I followed your advice and it worked.
  7. Hey guys, I'm just able to find sometime to get flying again and noticed that we are up to 2.1 for the 35A. I'm sorry to ask, but how do I update it if I purchased it directly from Flysimware? I didn't receive an email notifying me of the update and when I browsed around the site, I didn't see how to get the update for those who have purchased it. Am I doing what my wife call "man looking", in other words, its right in front of me and I'm totally missing it? Thanks for the help and for answering a probably very obvious question. Dave
  8. Ok, it's seems like I'm in the ballpark. Thanks for the input. Dave
  9. Hey Everyone, Finally downloaded this beauty. With regard to taxiing, how much power is needed to keep her rolling? I have to put in a hefty amount of thrust to get it moving and need about 64.x N1 to keep it rolling. Is this normal or do I have issues with FSX's dynamic friction? I worked on 35's years ago as a lineman. I don't recall a lot of thrust being used to keep the LJ's going. Thanks for the input. Dave
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