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  1. MSR_CEO

    VRinsight, Linda with FsLabs

    Hi Scot Sorry for my delay Well, I will send you all the requested files.
  2. MSR_CEO

    VRinsight, Linda with FsLabs

    Hi Scot, Hi all Thanks for the great job with FsLabs and linda Scot:) Now I have a serious issue when I'm using the MCP, the rotating knobs kept going inc/dec without changing the HDG lets say, also the ALT I do not know what to do really but totally I'm unable to use the MCP with the aircraft Also, when rotating the knob, it is not synchronized with the MCP screen I'm using the following: P3d V3.4.9 FSUIPC 4.792 LINDA 3.05 VRinsight MCP Airbus Thanks beforehand :)
  3. MSR_CEO

    Prepar3d V2

    I still have the same lagging....any help to avoid this? I love the sweetfx effect really but with p3d it is become risky :/