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  1. Thanks for your response. It is already set this way.
  2. Hi, A few days ago, I found out that for all of my joysticks, every time I make an input with anyone of them, it takes approximately half a second until the virtual yoke in the FS moves. Happens both on FSX (non Steam edition) and P3Dv3. All drivers are up to date, and also, when I try to calibrate them outside the sim, there is no delay. I tried to configure the controls and the CFG file from scratch, but there is no effect. Also, since the issue began, I began having lower FPS than I am used to have. My game controllers: Saitek Pro Flight Yoke 2 * Saitek Pro Flight Throttle quadrant Logitech G940(Stick, Throttle and pedals). Thanks in advance.
  3. Found the problem, the SOUND OUTPUT was set to the wrong sound device. Thanks for the fast responses.
  4. Already did, nothing out of the ordinary. The problem began after the update from SPc to the current version.
  5. I updated today my T7 to the latest version. After the simulator loads and the plane is loaded on the long panel state mode, I try to turn on\off the Flight director but I cannot hear the sound. I check every button in the cockpit, no sound. Should I try to run the installer in the repair mode?