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  1. Thanks for your response. It is already set this way.
  2. Hi, A few days ago, I found out that for all of my joysticks, every time I make an input with anyone of them, it takes approximately half a second until the virtual yoke in the FS moves. Happens both on FSX (non Steam edition) and P3Dv3. All drivers are up to date, and also, when I try to calibrate them outside the sim, there is no delay. I tried to configure the controls and the CFG file from scratch, but there is no effect. Also, since the issue began, I began having lower FPS than I am used to have. My game controllers: Saitek Pro Flight Yoke 2 * Saitek Pro Flight Throttle quadrant Logitech G940(Stick, Throttle and pedals). Thanks in advance.
  3. Found the problem, the SOUND OUTPUT was set to the wrong sound device. Thanks for the fast responses.
  4. Already did, nothing out of the ordinary. The problem began after the update from SPc to the current version.
  5. I updated today my T7 to the latest version. After the simulator loads and the plane is loaded on the long panel state mode, I try to turn on\off the Flight director but I cannot hear the sound. I check every button in the cockpit, no sound. Should I try to run the installer in the repair mode?
  6. B736789

    Is PMDG taking care of tickets anymore?

    So far my friend let me fly with his serial so I could try flying the T7, after a few months of trying everything out and knowing how the plane works, I decided to buy the plane in order to show my support for PMDG and fly on my serial. The problem is, when I try to deactivate my friend's serial it says that there is an error and the serial couldn't be deactivated. I have no clue what my friend did with his serial. I just want to deactivate his and activate mine. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That is my ticket
  7. B736789

    Is PMDG taking care of tickets anymore?

    what do you mean?
  8. B736789

    Is PMDG taking care of tickets anymore?

    The time limit is not the case, it is the fact that I sent the ticket 10 minute after I payed and no response since then, it is frustrating that I cannot enjoy what I payed 90$ for.
  9. B736789

    Is PMDG taking care of tickets anymore?

    Other developers do not take 90$ and limit the download link
  10. B736789

    Is PMDG taking care of tickets anymore?

    Aren't 3 days enough for looking at the ticket? It says:" waiting for agent" Every day that pass makes me begin regretting my purchase :(
  11. I filled a ticket 2.5 days ago, and still did not get an answer, Is PMDG planning to take care of my ticket?
  12. B736789

    Seating Configuration

    In the simulation world, we dispatch for ourselves with programs like PFPX we brief ourselves with data from weather engines and charts and RW metars we monitor our flights with ACARS We sometimes control ourselves and we fly ourselves, in an airplane, all of those above happens in almost every flight, we are not just the pilots, we are also dispatchers,the controller, the second pilot, the guy from the VA who monitors the flight and we are doing and sometimes doing both pilots roles. I know that handling seating is not one of PMDG's main targets, but PMDG wants to get " as real as it gets..." And I think this will further improve the realism level.
  13. B736789

    Seating Configuration

    Hi, Wouldn't it be nice if we could customize within each livery setting how many seats are is each class, if we could decide whether its a plane with just First and Economy class, or maybe all Business, or Economy and Economy Premium and Business and First? for example ELAL has: 12 First class seats, 35 business class seats and 232 economy seats. and British has: 14 first class seats, 48 business seats, 40 economy + seats, and 122 economy seats. Is it possible for the PMDG T7? I think it will improve the level of realism.
  14. B736789

    KLGA 22 - KJFK ILS 22R

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it is something to do with the scenery.
  15. B736789


    Me too, I really think that the 200er is as common (or even more common than) the 300er