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  1. Dirob

    Autopilot disconnects...

    Simple fix, just stay current with updates. VERSION v1.10.0044 did the job.
  2. Dirob

    Autopilot disconnects...

    Thank You downscc, I followed your suggestion. When AP is functioning the all mode engage and all mode disengage work as expected. Following abnormal AP shutdown, switching to APP mode from HDG mode kills it every time, engage and disengage do not function and only restarting aircraft will fix.
  3. Dirob

    Autopilot disconnects...

    When mine disconnects the aircraft flies normally but I am unable to activate the AP for the rest of the flight. My attempt to re-activate includes: Return selector to HDG mode. Lower AP lever to the off position. Turn ALT switch off Gyro is already in the off position Make sure aircraft is properly tirmed, flying normally then try to switch Gyro ON. No luck, the switch will not move. I also click Fix all failures with no result. The plane flies great manually but on long hauls or rotten weather an AP would really be nice. Looking forward to some help. Dirob