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  1. Absolutely no problems after updating drivers, its is very possible that I was thinking realtek drivers, but the driver program I downloaded indicated and updated drivers for "VIA". Consider the problem resolved.
  2. I updated the drivers.. apparently it wasn't Realtek drivers that my motherboard used but something called VIA- ANY ways, long story short, I've flown several medium haul missions and until now have had no more long freezes except something weird, getting short pauses when I or AI talks to ATC, but I'm sure that has to do with editvoicepack. SO to be clear, my issue seems to have cleared up after updating ALL of my drivers with the Driverbooster application
  3. As I stated earlier, I am using no .cfg tweaks except HIGHMEMFIX=1 and no weather or graphics mods. I checked all of my drivers, and all of my temperatures are nominal. The scenario of the freezes (freezes, not crashes, no event viewer logs are available). In flight, at cruise, just watching the scenery go by. I do have an update though- I was running unlimited framerates and I was receiving 70-100 frames per second, I set Nvidia nspector to limit framerate to 30 and I haven't had any of these freezes since- I will keep updating, especially if I experience more of the freezing. EDIT- Nope, still a freeze EDIT EDIT- Downloaded Driver Booster, and there are some extremely old IDE and SATA drivers present, will update and hope for the best.
  4. So I don't forget, I'm using an ASUS motherboard that uses on board Realtek audio- I am currently updating to Revision 2.79 of the Realtek drivers. Will update this post in 2-ish days if no subsequent freezing occurs, or immediately if freezing persists. Side note, I use on board audio for communication devices and my sound card for speakers. **EDIT** First flight and I got a freeze shortly after takeoff, and 2 of my CPU cores were pegged at 100% this time and the others were lower, around 15%- Further research is required.
  5. Strange, It happened to me again on a relatively short flight- I recently re-installed my windows operating system, this morning in fact. I am running no custom weather services, my graphics card is a pretty modern one with 4GB of GDDR5 memory (and I haven't installed any custom Nvidia setting), I have not applied any .cgf tweaks, and I have not added any graphics enhancement mods to my installation. Fun fact, when I checked processes, I noticed that during the freeze 3 of my 6 cores were pegged at 100% and the other 3 cores were being lazy with only ~15% utilization each. Another person on these forums said this: "If your computer contains Realtek High Definition drivers (codecs) for a sound chip on your MB, your drivers may be corrupted. This WILL cause the infamous FSX freeze. If this applies to your situation, go to the Realtek website and download the applicable drivers for your system (for example: in my case, it is Win 7 64 bit). I can factually state that corrupted sound drivers were causing FSX to freeze every time I flew. When I installed the updated, current drivers, the problem was fixed." ___________________________________________________________________ I happen to have on board realtek audio, so I will go ahead and try this fix.
  6. I believe it may be UT2 traffic injection causing the freeze, I flew 2 flights with it disabled having no freezing incidents- one flight from Seattle to Tokyo and one from Auckland NZ to Brisbane AU
  7. I'm in the process of running tests- I'm suspecting UT2 so I'm testing a flight with it turned off. I rolled back my Nvidia driver and that didn't help with the freezes, but OHHH MY GOD! I got a %500 (not exaggerated) increase in performance- seriously, no .cfg tweak has ever worked as well as this older video driver has.
  8. Hey! It did come back to life! it was 5-8 minutes after it froze too. For testing I was doing a flight in the default 747 from seattle to tokyo- and then 6 hours and 22 minutes into the flight it locked- then it came back. EDIT- I just read that this problem may be remedied but limiting the FPS externally, I will attempt to accomplish this with nvidianspector, will update when the flight from Seattle to Tokyo is complete, watch this space. EDIT EDIT- nope, that didn't work- digging deeper, going to attempt rolling back Nvidia driver version.
  9. The only faulting modules I see are Schannel and Security-SPP- I'm not getting a CTD, it just stays frozen And Dazkent, I will try it.
  10. What do I look for and where? http://i.imgur.com/TMEakA5.png
  11. Hey guys, I know I know for sure this has been brought up a million times- I know because I've googled it before- Yep, I googled my problem before coming here with it and I've done some digging over the past few days and the ONLY suggestions I've seen were the "uiautomationcore.dll" fix. Well, I tried it and it didn't work for me. So I ask you Mr./Ms. Avsim community- Before I go re-installing Windows and re-installing FSX and addons bit by bit, help me with the first tech support query I've had since I became a member 5 years ago (Yep, first problem I couldn't sort on my own with google research ). I'll give you a rundown of the problem I'm having and all of the relevant information. I had FSX installed with a boatload of Addons- ORBX, FTX, PMDG stuff- install folder was something like 150GB- FSX started getting really screwy (losing textures, textures going black with only clouds visible it was a mess (especially happened when alt+tabbing)) - Couldn't come up with a solution online so I did a uninstall of FSX- BUT before I did that I made a mistake and I deleted the entire FSX folder first- So I had to repair FSX through the installer effectively re-installing it, and then I uninstalled it again before installing my current install. SO, what addons am I running now? I figured I would keep it lite, so I'm just running Air Hauler with FSUIPC, Captainsim's 727, MILVIS's 737-200, Ultimate Traffic 2, DBwalk and follow, and FSrecorder. So what triggers the hanging. Usually I'm an hour or so in flight before it happens, I'll be up at cruising altitude and boom- the sim freezes up and the sound keeps playing- Alt-tabbing or alt+enter doesn't work to bring me back to desktop, I have to ctrl+alt+delete. I've tried rebuilding fsx.cfg and several config edits including bufferpools, highmemfix, and affinity mask- no joy. Thanks for hearing me out, hopefully I can get some solid answers and maybe it will help someone like me in the future.
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