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  1. Because of the freezes while using ASN this morning I decided to try a different approach (no flying approach ;-). I was getting the feeling the freezes maybe were memory related. Therefore I made some changes : - increased Windows VM from 8G to 12G (Rig has 2 X 4G); - increased mem speed to 1866Mhz in BIOS (was 1333); - turned off HT in BIOS; - changed ASN settings back to default but unmarked autoload Flightplan; - removed Affinitymask setting in FSX.CFG Overall I notice a significant increase of renderspeed while using ASN. Now I was able to make 3 flights in a row without these freezes. One of the flights was EHAM to EGLL with a lot of bad weather/turbulence (live weather this afternoon). No stuttering whatsoever :-) By the way... I use FSUIPC latest version with letter b. Regards, Albert
  2. Today I got the above mentioned error message again (two times) after FSX freezed up on me again. I did use FSUIPC now with wind settings unmarked so that wasn't helpfull. When I looked into the ASN export log I saw the log stopped at the point where ASN wants to load the Auto load simulator flight plan. Since I didn't make a FSX flightplan ASN couldn't find anything and then the Stackhash error message occured. Don't know for sure if that was the cause of the freeze but in my humble opinion it's interesting enough to post. Needless to say I unmarked Auto load simulator flight plan in ASN. Also I've set all turbulence settings to 0 (also maximum cloud turbulence). Since then I've made two heavy data loaded flights with no freezes whatsoever :-) Next flight I'll to increase turbulence settings in ASN to exclude the freez wasn't caused by the decreased turbulence settings. Kind regards, Albert
  3. Jim, thanx for replying. The weird thing is that I didn't use FSUIPC before. I'm curious what causes this freezing problem. Kind regards, Albert
  4. Hi Jim, I've had the same message after FSX freezed during a descend with a PMDG 737NGX. Since using ASN all my flights freeze which is indeed very frustrating. All solutions as described in the linked post were checked by me and didn't cause the freezingproblem. I didn't make use of FSUIPC but installed a registered version after reading the posts above. With the use of FSUIPC (unchecked all boxes) I could make my first full flight while ASN was running (Live mode). Hopefully HF will fix this very annoying problem soon. When they succeed ASN will be my number 1 addon. Best wishes too, Albert W