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  1. I went the same route, turning off AA and then turned it on at 4 SGSS just like you did. It looks fantastic to me. Boy, flight simming has come a long way from my days of SubLogic till now. Many happy flights Capt. Speirs.
  2. I'm glad that did the trick for you. By the way, DSR was a wow moment for me to and still is.
  3. Hi Capt. Speirs When my screen loads up I have the same thing. What I,ve done is once the plane is loaded I left click on the screen and it pops it to full screen. I hope this helps, let me know. For me, once my BIP Saitek Panel lights up fully, I can left click and I'm good to go.
  4. mppd5015

    A2A Piper autopilot question/issue?

    The auto pilot is letting you know which way to trim aircraft in order to maintain the flight level you set. There are two lights that will blick, one for trim up and the other for trim down. Hope that helps as far as the auto pilot problem. I should have told you that this auto pilot might be a little different than other unit. It still needs manual trim input even once the alt. hold button is set. Their is a manual in your Piper 180 down load that explans the auto pilot. Pages 3-7 and 3-8 talks about the trimming of the aircraft after the alt. is set.