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  1. Im not in the dev team but these are worth mentioning. The speed trim, this is simulated accurately. This has got to be the first in FS. Then, the non normal checklist. Every little things built in it makes the damn thing feels real. For e.g the mouse cursor on the checklist. When using capt side Cursor Control Device, the cursor is different than when using FO CCD. The 'Cabin Ready' alert. The whole package is just awesome!
  2. khaledmr

    A few minor problems and suggestion.

    1. I also noticed there's a bug at WMKP NURLA 1A STAR. Maybe the database is the real issue. 2. I was doing the ILS rwy 04 at WMPK/PEN airport. flaps 20 on g/s capture,Gears gown at 1800ft, flaps 30 set at 1300ft and fully configured for landing at approx 1000ft. The NO AUTOLAND appeared approx at 1500ft (just like the real plane,hehe). IIRC, I did cold and dark cockpit start, during approach the ILS freq stuck at departure rwy freq, so I manually tuned the ILS freq. Maybe that caused the problem? ---------------------------- 3. Thanks a tonne with the MH livery! Really appreciate it, despite having lots of Q & A in the forum! Noted! I do noticed some other abnormalities when I did cold and dark state but I'll wait until the next update and see if it still there. Most probably it'll be gone by then.
  3. khaledmr

    A few minor problems and suggestion.

    Number 1, wind drift are all catered for in the tracking. In real life, ATC would have warn us because conducting a RNAV STAR requires ANP to be less than or equal to the RNP. Anything more is unacceptable. No 2, nope. I believe its a software glitch. This aircraft able to do a CAT 3 with single engine. Small malfunction wont affect the autoland capability. Will do that for the time being. Thanks
  4. Hi, first of all I just wanna say congrats and good job on this fine product. As an avid flight simmer and real life 777 pilot, I thought it was pretty impossible to model the speed trim function on the 777 accurately and also the auto throttle function during landing whereby you leave it on all the way to touchdown. PMDG once again beat the odds. Well done on the Non Normal Checklist as well! Anyway, I experienced a few minor problems. 1- Innacurate STAR tracking at WMKK/KUL NIPAR3A rwy 32L arrival at position NIPAR. The aircraft turned ahead of the track and ended up right off track before flying back to the intended route. 2- I get NO AUTOLAND a few times. I left the failures based on service ON. Is that the cause? 3- I noticed the RAD/NAV is Manually tuned to the SID NAV. when I selected AGOSA.A 32R departure out of KUL/WMKK, the radnav is manually tuned to M116.10 VKL. It should be Procedural tuned and read as P116.10...then after departure it should automatically revert to AUTO. Suggestion(not related to problems above): 1-If possible can you include options to manually overide the throttle during FLARE phase only(around 100ft below)? 2-and also if you could add Malaysia Airlines livery pleeeassseee!!!! Thanks, Khaled