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  1. Didn't work for me. Removed the key commands, manually started the engines of the PMDG and then ended up with the same problem. Only re-assigning the autostart and engine select keys (of course pressing them in the sim) helped. After a minute the HYD failures went away, the packs went on, bleed went on and the engines responded to thrust input. I am seriously thinking that the PMDG seems to have a problem with the autostart feature in P3D. Even though I don't want to use autostart, it seems as if I have to press the autostart-keys to get the engines functional. This is so weird... Edit: I have opened a support ticket with PMDG's customer support, I will keep you posted.
  2. Thanks, I will try it on Wednesday when I am back at home.
  3. After further investigation it seems that CTRL + E did the trick, rather than the airplane reset. Any idea how to fix this? Seems silly to activate the sim autostart after a good manual start of the engines...
  4. Problem solved. I have just entered the PMDG menu in the CDU and hit "Restore ORIGINAL" from the PMDG SETUP > AIRCRAFT menu. Now it works... I have absolutely no idea why, but I am happy now :D
  5. Thanks xkoote, but I didn't find this option :-( To rule out any add-on related issues, I will now completely reinstall the sim and start with a vanilla P3D + PMDG777... edit: didn‘t help problem remains.
  6. Hi guys, thanks for your input so far. I have tested the above mentioned ideas... but no luck yet... FSUIPC is not installed, no menu item I positioned the aircraft on the runway, to avoid pushback issues with GSX, still doesn't move Tyres look good to my untrained eyes at least... Failures seem not to be active. I made some screenshots from a quick setup I did to reproduce the error, maybe this helps. You will clearly see the thrust carrot is at TO/GA setting but the engines are still idle. I gave ample time for the engines to react before taking the screenshot. Other than that I seem to encounter the HYD PRES DEM C1 + C2 warning every time now, as soon as I extend the flaps. Maybe this is a related issue? (The screenshots come from 2 different attempts...) Maybe someone can spot my mistake from the screenshots... I am running out of ideas. Interesting fact: I can't even hear the engines... they are spinning though in the outside view.
  7. I will check this tomorrow, but am afraid not... Interesting, I will try to push back without GSX ... Interesting thought as well, but I don’t think so, the plane was set up fresh and only pushed back. Tires looked fine from the outside camera, also there were no obstacles blocking them visible.
  8. No, not that I am aware of... does it get installed automatically with any of the addons, I have listed?
  9. Hi community, I am experiencing weird problems with my 777-200LR. Short version: having two good engine starts, I cannot move the aircraft. The throttle levers are moving, the indication on the ENG display shows the set N1 value move with the levers but the engine is still on idle, no thrust is coming. Wheel chocks are removed, parking brake is released, flaps are in the takeoff configuration, autobrake is on RTO, hydraulics are pressurized, electrics obviously working, EICAS shows no warning, Recall neither, APU is off. Tried to delete and reinstall to no avail. It might be a stupid mistake as I am new to the product. However I have flown the 777-200F successfully before. Though the F shows the same problem now. Edit: I should mention that (occasionally) I see that the hydraulics C1 and C2 demand pumps are generating an amber warning on the EICAS, yet in all of my various tries to the resolve the issue I have not proven a correlation between the two problems... I had tries where the hydraulics were okay but still no engine thrust. I have also tried to load the various default panel states and continue from there (CLDDRK, LONG, SHORT, etc) but didn’t help. I am running on the current P3D V4, with VoxATC, GEX, Orbx Global and Europe, Active Sky and REX - all newest versions. I appreciate all the help you guys can give, as it is so incredibly frustrating having planned a nice flight, set up the aircraft by the book (hopefully), being pushed back and not being able to move an inch... Thanks everyone, Tobias Sasse
  10. That might be the trick!! I have Ctl+1, ..., Ctl+9 set for Ezdok Camera Views. Might need to reassign them or have a look at the controls panel to access their original function. Going to investigate that tomorrow morning. Thanks for the hint! Right, but also there each of the knobs is muted, thus there shouldn't be any tone on the speakers... Thanks anyway for pointing that out, it's easy to forget that there is another one on the upper panel.
  11. Ok, I will try to mash them a couple of times on my next flight. I am currently not sure if dialing the volume is simulated on the PMDG, but that could also be a solution to turn it down to zero, if possible. So the IDENT tone both appears when I dial in ILS frequencies or VOR frequencies to the NAV radio, which is of course correct - at least if you want to make sure that you have the right station dialed in ;-) It does not matter which radio (NAV1/NAV2) I use. Edit: I am not so sure about that because I nearly always have ILS or VOR dialed in on NAV1... I'd never dial in NAV2 alone. Gonna check that. Normally on approach I would have ILS on NAV1 and an approach VOR on NAV2. I only get rid of the tone when I set both radios to none-tone-submitting frequencies/stations, if that makes sense - of course that would only allow me to approach visual then ;-)
  12. Ok you got me wrong: Normally I do fly with all of them off but VHF1. I tried to turn off the beep by (a) turning them all on - stupid idea okay and (b) all of them off. Same for the F/O's side. It beeps no matter how the switches are set... :-/ With respect to P3D and stuff - sure, I'm a software developer myself, wouldn't be happy about that either but I also wouldn't suspect the problem to be the sim as I had the same problem with FSX which in turn is supported...
  13. I know, thanks for your advide, but it keeps beeping even if I de-light the buttons. I was flying the last couple of months with the FSX and had exactly the same problem - concerning your P3D remark.
  14. Hi Guys, can anyone give me a hand on muting the VOR ident tone on the PMDG 737NGX? I tried the knobs on the Comm Panel, as depicted. Didn't help - it just keeps on beeping and annoys the heck out of me... Maybe I do have the wrong approach here. Just for the reference: I fly using the Prepar3D Version 1.4 and the PMDG 737NGX 800 (SP1c). Thanks, Tobi
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