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  1. Thanks a lot for the explanation. I also saw that the alignment process of the IRS system must be completely finished ( in Cold and dark state, for example) in order to appear visible the V speeds in the CDU. Regards
  2. Thanks. I have had the same issue with V speeds in planes equipped with General Electric and P& W engines. Those with Rolls Royce power plant work perfect. Maybe is something related to the EPR? Regards Oscar Ayala
  3. Sorry, It is replay what I mean. Thanks for the answer. I will consider a video recording. Regards.
  4. I will appreciate if someone can help me to know how I can see in a reply flight the secuence of reverse thrust, flaps, speed brakes, etc. because the reply does not show me those steps in my beautiful 737-800 NGX, as occurrs in different add-ons that I use from time to time. Thanks a lot, friends. Oscar
  5. oscayala

    777 ILS tuning

    Thanks, but because I am not using the FMC for the flight, there is no ILS frequency displayed on the NAV/RAD page to be deleted, just the word PARKED; if I try to use the delete option in that field, appears like an error and does not allow to delete anything. This is completely different from the 767 (as an example) that has in the pedestal the possibility to input any ILS frecuency (and the course) independently if I am using FMC operation or not.
  6. oscayala

    777 ILS tuning

    Actually I have been trying this, but the NAV RAD page does not accept ILS frecuencies, only VOR Frecs.
  7. oscayala

    777 ILS tuning

    Hello friends: With no doubt this new PMDG is the best simulation software so far. Can you, please help me with this question: If I am doing a flight without using the FMC, How can I do a manually tuning for The ILS frecuency? I know that selecting the arrival, the FMC automatically select the frecuency , but manually? I will appreciate any help. Regards to everyone, Oscayala
  8. I appreciate all the comments and suggestions. Doing the recommendations my 777 is taking off in a very accurate way now. Thanks to everyone, Oscayala
  9. Thanks. Depending on what route I am flying, sometimes my first restriction in VNAV page is max, 185 knots until complete the first turn because high terrain in the vicinity, but the auto-throttle in not able to do it. Thanks a lot. I will try with heavy settings next time to compare. Those engines are very powerful.!!! Thank you. I will increase the derate setting and try again. Thanks a lot Oliver. I will do it and check again. Thanks. Flight change is a good option
  10. Thanks. I advance manually the throttles until I get around 50% of N2 (as I do successfully with the NGX) and suppose the auto throttle sets the position for the correct speed. Of course my previous setting has the restriction for max 250 knots below 10000 feet.
  11. Hello friends: After over 25 years in simulation, I just purchased it and I am really excited about this new PMDG toy. I am experiencing an issue after take off. Both flight directors are on, proper flap settings and stab trim, all the FMC settings done correctly, L nav armed, V nav armed, Auto throttles armed, some de-rate power set, V2 set in the MCP and TOGA switch pressed. The speeds and acceleration on the runway are correct and the take-off is nice and gentle, but after positive rate of climb and gear up, the airspeed increases extremely fast and instead of maintain V2 + 10 or V2 + 20, goes quickly until 250, 270 or more in few seconds and sounds the over-speed alarm. Am I doing something wrong? I appreciate your comments. Best regards and happy flights. Oscayala
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