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  1. In relation to my previous post it seems the new version of fsuipc 929c is causing the issue. Rolling back to the previous version fixed it. Works perfectly now.
  2. Hi Bryn, I hardly ever post I normally just read the topics I'm one of those guys haha. Fantastic job on the radar mate truly outstanding. It will keep us occupied until fsl and pmdg integrate asn into their radars. I'm noticing a weird problem or bug with the latest wx-t version. For some reason it seems to initially load the wx but as soon as I adjust the range tilt or gain it changes but then it won't change back if I try to adjust any of the other values. Turning on turbulence initially works then if I try to turn it off it's like it lags and won't turn off. It's like it gets stuck at one range and just hangs there. I can't seem to get the radar to work at anything less then 160nm but if I change it to 320 it just gets stuck there. I've tried reinstalling the gauge and ASN and it's happening in all aircraft. Closing the gauge then reopening it doesn't fix it either. I have no idea what's causing it. Any help would be appreciated as this is so cool!! Cheers, Matt