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  1. yes i still use fs2004. but its great the issue i have it that the speed option for auto-throttle doesn't work at all. The rest of the autopilot works fine. does anyone know why this would be??? Jovic
  2. 11jovic

    Aircraft trim edit?

    no dw i think i have it now thanks anyways i changed the aircraft trim settings like you said and its not 100% but its alot easier
  3. do any of you here know how i can take away the auto trim effect at all????
  4. 11jovic

    Aircraft trim edit?

    Evening all hope everyone is well, I want to change my trim settings but its for the wilco aircraft and they have given me no response what so ever and its been 2 weeks now :( Its automatic and its frustrating i want to take it away so when i trim up or down it will stay to what i trim if anyone can help would be greatly apreciated. Is it something in the aircraft.cfg i can change which i will do i just want it to say go from 0.0 and when i trim to 1.5 i want it to stay at 1.5 and no change automatically which it does. Kind regards jovic staddon