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  1. pilotcop

    Actions after "Line Up Check"

    Thanks Bryan. I knew I was missing something and it was probably a simple item. I've read over it but I missed the "ready?" call when lining up. Thanks for pointing that out!
  2. I'm really missing something. I've read the manual but I can't find a way to get the FO to call speeds on the takeoff roll, call any kind of positive rate or even raise the gear after commanded. I notice in the panel window the commands are yellow and I have to manually move the menu to Climb Check. There has to be some reason the menu is not advancing and thus interfering with the FO. I also see that a C2G is always on the right side of the window. I'm guessing that means cockpit to ground. Obviously that's not right. What am I doing wrong. Please help. Thanks
  3. I can't figure this out. The spoilers extend automatically when I advance the throttle. It doesn't matter if I have auto throttle armed or not, or RTO armed or not. When I advance the throttle fully the spoilers retract but then constantly want to deploy but immediately stow again. Any ideas? This just started recently. It started before updating P3Dv4.1 to 4.2. It happened in version 4.2 and I completely removed P3D and reverted to version 4.1, it still happens. I removed all of the spoiler, reverse thrust commands from my controllers to keep the commands strictly to the keyboard with no result. Thanks!
  4. pilotcop

    RAAS Pro under Steam

    Perfect! Thanks. That was what I needed. I found a description on the DLL.xml file and what it was missing from your link. Placed the missing lines in the DLL.xml file in FSX SE and I now have RAAS Pro. It shows up in the add-on drop down menu. Problem solved. Oh, I also made sure to exclude anything FS related from my anti-virus (MS Security Essentials).
  5. pilotcop

    RAAS Pro under Steam

    I'm totally unsure about DLL files and codes etc. I have FSX SE and purchased the RAAS Pro from Steam so it directly downloads to FSX SE but it does not work and is not showing in the drop down add on menu either, although Steam shows it to have been installed. Can someone walk me through how to move the files so that it works? Thanks!
  6. pilotcop

    Door wont open

    Yeah, sorry. I had a moment and didn't see the other pages. Yes I read many of the other posts. Yes I use DVA ACARS and went to read a thread there. I believe that's the culprit. Thanks, Art Forsha
  7. pilotcop

    Door wont open

    Hello, I just purchased the JS41 a couple of weeks ago and I have the same issue as well. It works fine at the start of a flight, but upon completion it will not open. Art Forsha
  8. pilotcop

    I cant download 777 after purchase

    It's not even showing up in my PMDG account. My 747 and MD11 from previous purchases are. Hopefully someone from PMDG will get back to me soon.
  9. pilotcop

    I cant download 777 after purchase

  10. pilotcop

    I cant download 777 after purchase

    I have purchased the 777 and when I click on the download link in my email I get a message that says "Error: You request ID is incorrect. Please contact store administrator for more information." Can someone help me with this? What causes this error? Thanks.